Looking for Scandinavian kitchen examples to inspire your next remodel?

Scandinavian kitchen designs are versatile and fit perfectly in both large open-concept kitchens and smaller intimate spaces!

Known primarily for incorporating natural light, warm tones, functionality, and minimalism into one seamless space, Scandinavian design has been on the rise in the United States. And why not? They do produce some stunning kitchens. Here are 8 gorgeous Scandinavian kitchens to inspire your next kitchen!

Natural, Simple, and Warm 

scandinavian kitchen design

All three primary characteristics of Scandinavian design are on display in this cozy but modern kitchen. A good-sized kitchen, the space seems even larger thanks to minimalist design features. The cabinets embrace minimalist design, while still offering plenty of storage space. Two large windows bring in plenty of natural light, too.

Scandinavian Married With Modern

scandinavian kitchen

In addition to warm colors like brown, Scandinavian design works great with black too. This kitchen uses Scandinavian style cabinetry, along with a warm wooden table to accent the darker shades. A minimalist white and stainless steel fridge helps to create a contemporary feel.

Artists Dream

Scandinavian kitchen

It’s not uncommon for a Scandinavian kitchen to feature colors that pop. This kitchen is a great example of how you can create a beautiful, minimalist kitchen that has plenty of character. There is plenty of warmth in this kitchen with a large window helps natural light enter the space. The light wood floor and striped rug complement the light blue cabinetry. Don’t be afraid to consider something a little more colorful with your kitchen!

Scandinavian Open-Concept

scandinavian kitchen

We know some of you reading this are looking to create an open layout for your new kitchen. You’re in luck, as this kitchen illustrates how great Scandinavian design pairs with an open-concept. The wooden floor and natural wood accents, are very popular among Nordic-inspired homes. The windows create a beautiful natural light that help the contrast between the white walls and dark cabinets bring these airy spaces alive. It should be noted that the dog is not a requirement to achieve a Scandinavian kitchen, but is recommended.

Warm and Simple

scandinavian kitchen

A more intimate kitchen still provides plenty of space for the occupants of this home. Similar to the first kitchen on this list, this kitchen also uses warm tones for the cabinetry and has plenty of natural light. Once again, this space also utilizes wooden floors and clean lines to create a stunning space with character.

A Refreshing Twist to Scandinavian Style

scandinavian kitchen

Another great example of how you can still be a little adventurous with your color choices when it comes to Scandinavian homes. This blue-tiled backsplash pairs perfectly with the warm cabinetry and beautiful countertops. A clean, minimalist, modern design throughout makes the space feel open despite the island in the middle.

A Masterful Use of Space

scandinavian kitchen

These homeowners went big on their kitchen design, and it definitely paid off. The result is a spacious kitchen that has become the centerpiece of their home. With the addition of an island with a stovetop in the middle, the kitchen is functional throughout and doesn’t waste a single space.

Scandinavian Style with a Splash of Color

scandinavian design

Our last, but certainly not least, kitchen once again exemplifies how even a small amount of color can help bring some character to the space. An island that has plenty of storage space adds to the functionality of the kitchen. Once again, no space is wasted.

Looking for more design inspiration for your kitchen remodel? Check out these Scandinavian kitchen ideas. Have questions about implementing Scandinavian design in your kitchen remodel? Contact us today, we are always happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions About Scandinavian Design

What Are Some of the Main Elements of Scandinavian Design?

In addition to prioritizing functionality and utilizing natural light, warm colors, and minimalist features, Scandinavian design often incorporates wood, stone, and other natural elements, planets and flowers, and simple decor. To learn more about Scandinavian design, check out our recent post covering everything you need to know about Scandinavian interior design.


Does Scandinavian Design Incorporate Sustainability? 

While it’s not a requirement, today, Scandinavian design is heavily inspired by the love of the outdoors that Nordic people have. For this reason, you’ll often see sustainable and eco-friendly appliances throughout the home, as well as environmentally-friendly cabinetry. For more examples of sustainable products to buy for your kitchen, take a look at this article.


What Type of Wood Flooring Should I Use for My Scandinavian Home?

While wood flooring is certainly not required to construct an authentically Scandinavian home, it does produce stunning results when paired with other Nordic detailing. Typically wider plank flooring that is lighter in its tone are seen in Scandinavian homes. For more tips on how to pick the right flooring for your Scandinavian-inspired home, check out this helpful blog.


How Can I Make My Home More Minimalist? 

To truly embrace Scandinavian design, your home should also embrace minimalism. The two regularly go hand-in-hand. In addition to including minimalist furniture and detailing in your home, getting rid of some of your excess “stuff” is also a good way to de-clutter your life a bit. Start with creating a plan. Which rooms will you declutter first? And don’t forget to be honest with yourself about whether or not you truly need that old sweater you never wear, or all those pots and pans in the kitchen that are just collecting dust. To get started on embracing minimalism head-on, read this guide.


Why is Scandinavian Design So Popular Today? 

Scandinavian design seamlessly incorporates several popular interior design trends First, Scandinavian design is modern and minimalist, which have been growing since the early 2000s. Often, Scandinavian design uses natural—and sometimes sustainable—materials. Today, younger homeowners are especially concerned with ensuring their home is eco-friendly and that they limit their carbon footprint as much as possible. Functionality is also an important part of Scandinavian design. Today, modern home builders ensure that their homes are liveable.

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