Create a more sustainable world with us 

The Environmentally Sustainable Kitchen

The future of kitchens is already here.

To support more sustainable living through the production of carbon neutral cabinetry, the Puustelli “Miinus” cabinetry range has been built differently from start to finish. With Puustelli, you have access to the most ecological kitchen alternative available in the market today.

Eco-Wise Kitchen 1
Eco-Wise Kitchen 2
MDF and Chipboard Free
MDF and Chipboard Free
Formaldehyde Free
No Formaldehyde-based Glues
Ecologically friendly kitchen
No Endangered Wood Species
Eco friendly kitchen
100% Recyclable Biocomposite Frame

Cabinetry With the Best Indoor Air Rating

  • Top M1 Indoor Air Quality Rating
  • No heavy metals
  • No glues with added formaldehyde
  • Water-based paints, stains and lacquers
  • Non-toxic manufacturing, handling and use

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

By adhering to our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principles, our patented furniture structure makes Puustelli kitchens the most advanced ecological kitchen cabinetry. By reducing any unnecessary components and toxic materials, we’ve created a way to reuse and recycle each part of the kitchen responsibly. 

Eco-Wise Kitchen 3
Eco-Wise Kitchen 4

Revolutionary Biocomposite Frames

Based on detailed carbon footprint calculations, we’ve eliminated and replaced traditional furniture boards with more sustainable alternatives including a patented biocomposite frame to create durable, non-toxic, re-usable and recyclable kitchen cabinetry with a top indoor air quality rating.

The biocomposite frames function as the building blocks, allowing cabinetry configurations and panels to be interchanged based on the design. 

The versatile frame can be hidden by the cabinetry wood panels or used as a design element when exposed, depending on the design of the kitchen and the preference of the designer and homeowner.

Eco-Wise Kitchen 5
Eco-Wise Kitchen 6

Enhance Your Environment

Puustelli has been a progressive and innovative manufacturer throughout its nealry 100-year history. Continuous improvement in quality and practices applies to all operations of Puustelli. The selection of only the best materials is critical to our quality. Our glues are not formaldehyde-based and our wood surfaces are finished with natural oils or water-soluble stains and varnishes.

less materials used in manufacturing
  • Less Materials Used 50% 50%
made from recyclable materials
  • Recyclable 100% 100%
Eco-Wise Kitchen 7
  • Formaldehyde-free Frames and Drawers 100% 100%

Enjoy a Sustainable Ecological Kitchen

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