Puustelli Bathroom Cabinetry

The world requires more innovative, eco-friendly cabinetry options. Puustelli’s innovative Miinus biocomposite frames feature as part of our bathroom cabinetry collection, which also include incredibly moisture tolerant biocomposite cabinetry side panel options.

Water- and dust-resistant materials

The biocomposite frame of Puustelli bathroom cabinetry can fully withstand water and comes with a 30-year guarantee. Most bathroom cabinets are typically made of MDF or particleboard, both of which have poor moisture resistance. Once a frame made from conventional furniture materials has absorbed moisture, it can no longer be repaired and must be disposed of and replaced. The Puustelli biocomposite frame on the other hand is a fully reusable and recyclable material. Furthermore, the antistatic qualities of biocomposite means the frame does not attract dust.

No formaldehyde

Puustelli biocomposite frames contain 0% formaldehyde, while traditional cabinet structures most likely contain some level of formaldehyde. When emitted into the air, formaldehyde off-gassing can be harmful to your health. Even when a traditional bathroom panel is slightly damaged, the impact of moisture can multiply the harmful effects of formaldehyde.


Door Selections

With a smart design on the inside, you can make beautiful choices for the outside. Puustelli Miinus bathroom solutions allow you to select any door panel model from our extensive collection to either match or complement cabinetry throughout your house.

Bathroom Cabinetry 1
Bathroom Cabinetry 2

Moisture Resistant Biocomposite Sides

If you’re looking for the ultimate bathroom cabinet, consider a vanity using our biocomposite sides. Water-resistant, non-toxic, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable, Puustelli’s biocomposite sides (“biosides”) are the perfect solution for any space where moisture is present. The subtle raised pattern creates its own design element and can be combined with any Puustelli door choice on the front. 

Smart Storage Options

Keep everyday necessities organized and easily accessible with the help of our elegant, stainless steel LegraBox drawers and optional inserts. Our smart drawers are formatted to accommodate for plumbing fixtures, leaving enough room for sink drain taps. 

Bathroom Cabinetry 3
Bathroom Cabinetry 4

Sink and Countertop Choices

Whether or not you already have a sink and faucet picked out, our designers are here to help you navigate our ceramic countertop options and integrated sink + countertop combinations. They’ll also ensure that plumbing fixtures are taken into account for your bathroom design.

Handles and Vanity Leg Choices

Creativity knows no boundaries when it comes to featuring end panels in a different color, switching out a traditional handle for an integrated handle door, or creating a floating vanity. You also have the option to create a vanity with legs or a traditional toe kick. 

Bathroom Cabinetry 5

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