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Puustelli Kitchen Cabinetry

Elegant and eco-friendly, our cabinetry is made to make you feel happy, safe and comfortable in your own home. Years of research and indoor air measurement testing has enabled us to create a premium kitchen cabinetry product with a lighter structure, non-toxic surface treatments, low-VOC emissions and a carbon neutral manufacturing process. Our 30- and 15- year manufacturer’s warranties guarantee our quality and your satisfaction. 

Door models and profiles

Explore our wide variety of doors that range from shaker style to flat panel doors. Our friendly and informative designers are here to help you navigate our many selections and to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Cabinetry 1

Frame Door

Cabinetry 2

Raised Panel 

Cabinetry 3

Finger Pull/Groove Door

Cabinetry 4

Flat Panel

Cabinetry 5

Glass Surface

Cabinetry 6

Raised Panel Glass

Cabinetry 7

Wooden Edge

Cabinetry 8

Brushed Pine

Cabinetry 9

Panel Door

Cabinetry 10

Frame Door with Glass

Cabinetry 11

Karelia Frame 

Cabinetry 12

Mullion Frame

Cabinetry 13

Arched Raised Panel

Cabinetry 14

Arched Frame with Glass

Cabinetry 15


Cabinetry 16

Aluminum with Glass

Birch Door Collection

Birch is an integral part of Scandinavian and Nordic design, which is why it features prominently in Puustelli’s range of materials. Birch doors are available in a range of colors and you also have the choice between vertical and horizontal grain pattern for many of our birch doors. The birch wood patterns and their color tones featured here are indicative and may vary in reality.

Cabinetry 17

M-Frame 20

Cabinetry 18

M-Concept 20

Cabinetry 19

M-Natural 20

Cabinetry 20


Cabinetry 21

M-Front 21

Cabinetry 22

M-Elegant Wooden Edge

Cabinetry 23

M-Classic Flat Panel

Cabinetry 24

M-Living Groove handle at bottom TP26TSA

Cabinetry 25

M-Living Groove handle at top TP26PSY

Cabinetry 26

M-Concept WS21LA

Cabinetry 27

M-Concept WS21KPO

Cabinetry 28

M-Concept WS21KPOLA

Cabinetry 29

M-Concept WS21KPOLA2

Oak Doors

Oak is a durable species of tree and an excellent wood for kitchen furniture. Puustelli’s wide collection of doors in different shades enables a suitable option for every situation. Keep in mind that due to the natural variation of wood products, the wood patterns and their color tones are indicative and may vary in reality.

Cabinetry 30

M-Frame 20

Cabinetry 31

M-Concept 20

Cabinetry 32

M-Natural 20

Cabinetry 33

M-Nostalgia 20

Cabinetry 34

M-Front 21

Cabinetry 35

M-Classic 19

Cabinetry 36

M-Format 19

Cabinetry 37

M-Living 23

Cabinetry 38

M-Elegant 23

Cabinetry 39

M-Pure 16

Special Veneers Collection

Special veneer doors are made using farmed, fast growing species of trees such as poplar. Special veneer doors are intended for flat door designs. The veneer surface can be lacquered, oiled, stained or painted. All surface treatments are non-toxic and cause no irritations. When selecting special veneer doors, keep in mind that no two doors are exactly the same. This is where Nature has her say, and there is little we can do about it. We make special veneers in an effort to reduce illegal rainforest logging and the unnecessary transportation of exotic woods from afar. 

Wild Birch – Special Veneers

WildBirch special veneer doors are made using Finnish birch wood. Options include a horizontal or vertical groove, and a lacquered or oiled finish.

Cabinetry 40

WildBirch TB1 Laqcuered

Cabinetry 4


Cabinetry 42


Cabinetry 43


Cabinetry 44

TB11 Translucent White

Cabinetry 45

TB50, White

Cabinetry 46

TB42, Grey

Cabinetry 47

TB49, Black

Figure – Special Veneers

Figure special veneers doors are made of fast-growing, deciduous trees such as poplar. They feature a lively surface pattern that imitate exotic wood species without depleting precious natural resources. Figure doors can be lacquered or oiled, depending on door model. Figure doors are available in Classic (TP43), Elegant (TP63), Format (TP68), Living (TP26) and Pure (TP16). Aluminum handle strips can also be integrated at the top or bottom edge of the door.

Cabinetry 48

KF00 Unfinished

Cabinetry 49

KFM0 Oiled

Cabinetry 50

Olivo, Lacquered

Cabinetry 51

TeakBurma, Lacquered

Cabinetry 52

Makassar, Lacquered

OakLook – Special Veneers

Offering a sustainable alternative to real oak doors, our OakLook doors feature unique patterns and shades designed to look like real oak using technically created veneer patterning made of birch. OakLook special veneer doors can be lacquered or oiled depending on the door model.

Cabinetry 53

OakLook TK0

Cabinetry 54

OakLook, Oiled TKM0

Cabinetry 55

OakLook TK01, Pale

Cabinetry 43

OakLook TK00, Unfinished

Cabinetry 57

OakLook TK8, Modern Oak

Cabinetry 58

OakLook TK8, Rustic

Cabinetry 59

OakLook TK31, Dark Brown

Cabinetry 60

OakLook TK33, Dark Chocolate

Cabinetry 61

OakLook TK49, Black

Cabinetry 62

OakLook TK42, Grey

Cabinetry 63

OakLook TK50, White

Feelwood Collection

Woodgrain patterns combined with knots and rifts create an authentic wood look and feel that results in a bold look in the kitchen, mudroom, office, bathroom, basement or any other space in the home. 

Cabinetry 64

White Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 65

Natural Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 66

Pewter Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 67

Tobacco Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 68

Black Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 69

Brown Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 70

Tobacco Gladstone Oak

Cabinetry 71

Sepia Gladstone Oak

Cabinetry 72

Grey-Beige Gladstone Oak

Cabinetry 73

Sand Gladstone Oak

Cabinetry 74

White Gladstone Oak

Cabinetry 75

White Tossini Elm

Cabinetry 76

Brown Tossini Elm

Cabinetry 77

Hazelnut Tossini Elm

Cabinetry 78

Espresso Tossini Elm

Cabinetry 79

Grey-Beige Tossini Elm

Cabinetry 80

Fox Grey Tossini Elm

Structure Collection

The Structure Collection doors feature refined and subtle woodgrain patterns and a tactile surface.

Cabinetry 81


Cabinetry 82


Cabinetry 83

Zebrano Sand

Cabinetry 84

Fineline Brown

Cabinetry 85

Circus Aeruginosus

Cabinetry 86


Cabinetry 87

Black Glazed Halifax Oak

Cabinetry 88

Graphite Wood

Cabinetry 89

Fineline Anthracite

Cabinetry 90

Cuculus Canorus

Cabinetry 91

Strix Aluco

Cabinetry 92

Light Streak

Cabinetry 93

Premium White

Mood – Pine Doors

Pine doors feature a tactile surface with grooves that are a direct result of the vigorous brushed treatment. Clean materials and the non-toxic painted surfaces mean that each Puustelli pine door has the best indoor air M1 rating. The brushed pine surface of doors in the Mood range brilliantly brings out the colors starting with the red. A dream for discerning interior designers who want something new and a bit out of the ordinary.

Cabinetry 94

Cashmere, HP29

Cabinetry 95

Light Grey, HP37

Cabinetry 96

Sage, HP61

Cabinetry 97

Rosemary, HP67

Cabinetry 98

Moss, HP65

Cabinetry 99

Conifer, HP63

Cabinetry 100

Ocean, HP73

Cabinetry 101

Graphite Grey, HP44

Cabinetry 102

Dust Grey, HP40

Cabinetry 103

Grey, H42

Cabinetry 104

Anthracite, HP45

Cabinetry 105

Black, HP49

Cabinetry 106

Cranberry, HP85

Cabinetry 107

Horizon, HP51

Cabinetry 108

Sparrow, HP57

Cabinetry 109

Shoreline, HP53

Cabinetry 110

Stone Grey, HP36

Cabinetry 111

Midnight, HP99

Cabinetry 112

Arctic White, HP52

Cabinetry 113

Bird Cherry, H25N

Cabinetry 114

Mist, HP56

Cabinetry 115

Vanilla Cream, HP27

Cabinetry 116

Yellow, HP78

Unique – FOSBART Doors

FOSBART doors feature a lively surface exclusively developed and available at Puustelli. The brushed surface brings out the subtle nuances of the Furniture Oriented Strand Board material that is protected by a gentle non-toxic surface treatment. The collection now also includes Unique Metallic color finishes.

Cabinetry 117

Translucent White

Cabinetry 118


Cabinetry 119


Cabinetry 120


Cabinetry 121


Cabinetry 122

Lacquered black-grey

Aluminum Doors

Elegant aluminum frames with a large selection of glass fronts and painted doors expand the possibilities for inspired interior design. Aluminum doors make a stylish statement in the kitchen, home office or dining room. This door model is ideal for the bathroom too, since the door structure is completely water resistant. From a sustainability standpoint, all the door materials can be recycled and re-used.

Light – TAL30 

A minimalist and inconspicuous aluminum frame allows for a glass or painted door that can be elegantly accented by lighting solutions inside the cabinet.

Cabinetry 123

White Marble

Cabinetry 124

Champagne Beige

Cabinetry 125

Concrete Grey

Cabinetry 126

Metal Silver

Cabinetry 127

Soft White

Cabinetry 128

Champagne Silver

Cabinetry 129

Pearly White

Cabinetry 130

Glossy White

Cabinetry 131

Metal Grey

Mist – TAL20

Mist aluminum doors feature solid glass doors and visible frame edges.

Cabinetry 132

White Marble

Cabinetry 133

Pearly White

Cabinetry 134

Concrete Grey

Cabinetry 135

Glossy White

Cabinetry 136

Glass Panel

Cabinetry 137

Champagne Silver

Cabinetry 138

Metal Gray

Cabinetry 139

Champagne Beige

Cabinetry 140

Metal Silver

Trend – TAL60

Trend doors resemble bronze in color and their slightly more robust structure make them ideal cabinets options for bookshelves and floating console units.

Cabinetry 141

Bronze Transparent Glass, TAL60

Cabinetry 142

Bronze Concealing Visio Glass, TAL60

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