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At Puustelli Kitchens, we offer ceramic and wood countertops as part of your kitchen cabinetry design process. Ceramic countertops are made from the same materials as those forming natural granite during the course of millennia. Sand, feldspar, clay and natural pigments are formed into a composition spread into a thin layer, compressed into a plate before being fired in a kiln at more than 1,000°C.

Durability and Style

Ceramic countertops are incredibly durable, heat and cold resistant. The non-porous surface resists oil or acids from food or spilled liquids, making cleanup and maintenance a breeze. Our solid wood worktops are offered in birch and oak which can be oiled, lacquered or stained according to preference. Solid wood kitchen counters are long lasting, repairable and easy to care for. We use wood sourced only from PEFC and FSC certified forests.

Easy installation

With Puustelli Kitchens ceramic countertops, you don’t have to schedule a separate countertop installation. Your kitchen cabinetry and countertops all ship together, so that installation of your countertops can take place at the same time as your cabinetry. This saves the average home renovation about two weeks of additional work. All Puustelli Kitchens installers are certified and trained to install Puustelli Kitchens cabinetry and countertops.

Ceramic Countertops

Countertops 1

Matt Marble Capraia 

Countertops 2

Statuario Venato

Countertops 3

Naturali Statuarietto Matte 

Countertops 4

Nat Fine Marble

Countertops 5

Mat Masai Blanco

Countertops 6

Mat Cantera Grey

Countertops 7

Mat Calce Grigio

Countertops 8

Mat Dark Umbra

Countertops 9

Nat Onsen

Countertops 10

Cava Diamond Cream

Countertops 11

Bianco Assoluto Matt

Countertops 12

Mat Ardoise Noir

Countertops 13

Nero Assoluto

Countertops 14

Matte Marble Marquinia

Countertops 15

Mat Basalto

Countertops 16

Mat Nero Greco i Naturali

Countertops 17

Calce Nero

Countertops 18

Mat Iseo

Solid Wood Countertops

The wood pattern of our solid wood countertops extend naturally throughout the counter and can be oiled or lacquered. Wooden kitchen counters require surface treatment before use. Each solid wooden kitchen counter, irrespective of wood species and surface treatment, has the best M1 indoor air rating.

Countertops 19

American Walnut, untreated 38mm

Countertops 20

American Walnut, lacquered 38mm

Countertops 21

American Walnut, oiled 38mm

Countertops 22

Oak, untreated 38mm

Countertops 23

Oak, lacquered 38mm

Countertops 24

Oak, oiled 38mm

Countertops 25

Birch, untreated 38mm

Countertops 26

Birch, lacquered 38mm

Countertops 27

Birch, oiled 38mm

BlockWood Countertops

BlockWood solid block kitchen counters are made from smaller blocks that are clearly noticeable. BlockWood solid block kitchen counters can be oiled, lacquered or stained and the edge can also be shaped. Wooden kitchen counters require surface treatment before use. Each solid wooden kitchen counters, irrespective of wood species and surface treatment, has the best M1 indoor air rating.

Countertops 28

Ash, untreated 30mm

Countertops 29

Ash, lacquered 30mm

Countertops 30

American Walnut, untreated 30mm

Countertops 31

American Walnut, lacquered 30mm

Countertops 32

American Walnut, oiled 30mm

Countertops 33

Oak, untreated 30mm

Countertops 34

Oak, lacquered 30mm

Countertops 35

Oak, oiled 30mm

Countertops 36

Birch, untreated 30mm

Countertops 37

Birch, lacquered 30mm

Countertops 38

Birch, oiled 30mm

Countertops 39

Birch, lacquered dark brown 30mm

Countertops 40

Birch, oiled dark brown 30mm

Countertops 41

Birch, lacquered black-grey 30mm

Countertops 42

Birch, oiled black-grey 30mm

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