Trying to learn more how much a kitchen remodel costs?

As a homeowner facing a kitchen remodel, you probably have a lot of questions—rightfully so. You’re wondering how much is this going to cost me? How long is this going to take? How much of the planning process do I get to be a part of?

Many of these questions are loaded with factors that will determine the cost, time, and complexity of your kitchen remodel. We will try our best to provide clear and concise information on the kitchen remodeling process and average costs across the state. Overall, it is good to remember that ranges can vary greatly from $20,000 to $150,000 and up. So before you start anything, make sure to nail down a budget, and then you can do the fun part of designing your new kitchen!

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How Much Will a Full Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Everyone hates this answer, but it depends. No guaranteed formula or calculator can tell you how much a kitchen remodel will cost, and things can always change from the time you get your estimate to the final result. Because so many factors play a role in determining the end price of a new kitchen, we’ll try to paint a good picture of what ranges can look like in Minnesota compared to the national averages.

According to2020’s Cost Vs. Value report, the ranges for kitchen remodels in Minneapolis look a little something like this:

Project Type Job Cost Resale Value Cost Recouped
Minor Kitchen Remodel | Midrange $26,666 $16,493 61.9%
Major Kitchen Remodel | Midrange $74,311 $36,840 49.6%
Major Kitchen Remodel | Upscale $146,702 $67,600 46.1%

Of course, the factors that play into those costs include labor, materials, customizations, tearing down, levels of design, integrated lighting, and whether or not new appliances are being installed. The good news is, having a thought out plan and knowing the remodel process can help keep the remodel moving and your costs down.

The Kitchen Remodel Process From Design to Installation

You might be saying; it’s just one room, how hard can it be? Well, the kitchen is one of the most complex and varied rooms in your home, with cabinets, countertops, plumbing, lighting, appliances, and more. It needs to be functional, beautiful, updated, and ideally sustainable. Not to mention, you can only live off take-out for so long, so it needs to be easy to cook in. So yes, designing a kitchen remodel can be difficult, but with the help of a pro like Puustelli, it can be much easier and actually pretty fun.

The key to making the kitchen remodeling process run smoothly is to simplify it. The more design ideas and things go back and forth, the longer that timeline becomes. This is why we have a solid 7-step process that guides us through every step of the way, and things don’t get muddled or stall out.

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Step 1: Complimentary Design Consult

Getting started on the design is when your dreams start becoming a reality. You can meet virtually or in-person with one of our amazing designers located in Uptown Minneapolis to get started. They will help envision and explore how our wide array of cabinetry and countertop options can bring your vision to life. To get a jumpstart and allow us to do some planning before the meeting, we invite you to send us sketches, renderings, blueprints, or inspirational boards ahead of your meeting.

Step 2: Optional Home Visit

After we’ve solidified the initial design idea and your new kitchen plans, we want to incorporate actual measurements so we can get started on legitimate design work. So, if you like, we can visit your home and grab all of the measurements and document the space so your dedicated designer can get every last detail right. Alternatively, you can send us measurements, and we can pair those with any 3D renderings or architectural blueprints you have provided during the design consult.

Step 3: 3D Design Review & Agreement

Back at our showroom, we’ll meet to show you the design drafts in the form of functional, 3D drawings at no cost to you. This meeting will act as a workshop where you can look at everything, make changes to details like the materials, colors, and functionality. After a comprehensive review and discussion of the details, we’ll offer you a Design Agreement that breaks down the full scope of the project. Once signed, we’ll get started on finalizing the designs.

Step 4: Designing Your Dream Kitchen

After the Design Agreement is officially signed, we’ll meet with you in the showroom again. At this point, you’ll look through and choose all of the details for your kitchen: from the desired functionality, feel, and look to the cabinets, countertops, and materials that you want for your new kitchen. Don’t worry; we’ll collaborate with you to ensure that every detail is exactly what you want and works for the space and design.

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Step 5: Signing the Contract

Now that we’ve designed your dream kitchen, we’ll continue working with you to review and finalize all the materials. This ensures your project will be built quickly and efficiently and to your exact specifications.

Step 6: Remodeling & Installation

Let the fun begin! Your kitchen gets made at our factory, which is when most of the remodeling is done, then installation starts once your kitchen floor and walls are finished. After installation is started, your new dream kitchen will typically take around 1-1.5 weeks to complete. Our materials are easy to assemble and require much less cutting and adjusting to make everything fit. This streamlines the entire process and makes it much more tolerable on your end.

Step 7: Final Review

Before officially finishing your project, we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new kitchen. Then, when the installation is complete, we’ll do a thorough inspection to make sure your kitchen is ready to go. Then, you can rest easy knowing your stunning new kitchen is built to last and automatically includes a 30-year manufacturer warranty.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodel

A quality kitchen remodel will take time, money, and a decent amount of effort (depending on how much DIY you are planning). When you consider the real cost of a kitchen remodel, it is crucial you carefully plan it out to ensure you’re getting the most out of your remodel. This is where our team at Puustelli comes in. Not only do we make premium kitchen cabinets that are stylish, durable, and sustainable, but we also work with you throughout the entire process to ensure your remodel is as seamless as possible.

While a kitchen remodel can be stressful, we always encourage homeowners to keep the goal in mind. Sure, your kitchen might be in shambles mid remodel, but just imagine what it will be like making dinner in your dream kitchen!

If you are looking for more information about how much a kitchen remodel will cost, contact Puustelli’s team! We would be excited to discuss how we can make your dream kitchen a reality (within your budget)!


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