Modern kitchen cabinets are definitely growing in popularity. And for a good reason, too! Modern cabinetry finds the perfect balance between functionality and form. You’d be hard-pressed to find more durable cabinets that still look absolutely stunning. Simply put, modern kitchen cabinets do everything really well.

Whether you’re getting started on a new build and are creating a kitchen from the ground up or considering a remodel and want to add modern kitchen cabinets, we’ve got you covered.

Here are modern kitchen cabinet styles, features, and ideas for inspiration to help you create the perfect kitchen.

Natural Cabinetry With Simple Handles


natural cabinetryModern kitchen cabinets are often at their best when they incorporate natural elements—such as wood. These cabinets are the perfect marriage of a natural, clean look. They allow for plenty of storage space and functionality without ever compromising on design. Also, notice the blue tile backsplash. This is a great example of how using colors—bright, dark, or otherwise—is making a comeback in kitchens. If you want to add a little pop to your new kitchen, you should!

A key feature here is the black handles on the cabinets. A good cabinetry provider will allow you to customize that part of your cabinet. Don’t be afraid to try out a few samples of handles until you find the right fit.

Clean, Simple, White Cabinets

simple white cabinets

When one thinks of white cabinets, “modern” is not often an adjective you’d associate with them. But, as the example above clearly illustrates, white cabinets can still pull off a modern look with ease. The key is to make sure that you add some natural elements to help warm up the space. For example, the kitchen table in the middle is made of wood. In addition, there are plants throughout the kitchen and large windows which help to bring in natural light.

If you love the idea of white cabinets but are afraid that you can’t make them look modern enough, the kitchen above shows that you have nothing to fear.

Mid-Century Modern For Those That Want a Little Bit of Both


mid-century modern cabinetsAre you not sure if you want a more classical kitchen or a modern kitchen design? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Both design styles are unique and beautiful in their own way. Luckily, it’s easy to marry the two styles into a mid-century modern kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets above are a great example of a space that pulls off this combination. The cabinets are fairly modern in their design but do add a little bit of a classic look with the indented frame. The white countertop definitely adds to the classical feels, while the lack of clutter helps create a more modern, minimalist feel.

Pulling off a mid-century kitchen isn’t easy, but with the right design team in place, it is definitely possible!

Steel Accents + Dark Tone Cabinets

steel appliances cabinetsStainless steel is timeless and can be used in any kitchen setting. The kitchen above is another great example of a modern kitchen that combines some more classic elements to create something truly unique. The cabinetry incorporates dark colors and a simple, modern design, while the glass cupboards above add a more traditional look. The kitchen island is very minimal, with built-in electric stovetops. It’s clear that the homeowners were able to incorporate details that made the space functional and easy to cook their favorite foods in, while still keeping it modern.

Because there are so many different details you can include in a kitchen, it’s important to make a list of the must-have features you want for your kitchen. Make a separate list of functions and details that you’d like to have, but can live without. Having these lists handy and ready when you meet with your designer can be extremely helpful in the design process. Your designer should also be ready to help you create this list and help guide you through the tougher decisions.

Black Modern Cabinets with Seamless Handles

black modern cabinets

We’re big fans of going all black with your modern kitchen cabinets. Not only are the individual cabinets stunning, but they create a gorgeous modern space overall. What we really like about this kitchen is its use of natural lighting, specifically the door that leads to an outdoor patio. It’s easy to imagine cooking up a summer meal, bringing it out to the patio, and enjoying the weather.

Just like the kitchen that featured white cabinets, you can add some natural elements in a kitchen with black cabinets as well. For example, this kitchen uses a wooden kitchen table, as well as wood flooring to add some warmth.

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Check out our idea book for more inspiration, as well as our full gallery here!

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