For many years, particleboard cabinetry has been a relatively inexpensive way to furnish kitchens throughout the U.S. But today, it just doesn’t cut it.

Today, we’ll be breaking down why the cons associated with particle board cabinets no longer outweigh the pros. If you’re in the beginning stages of designing your new kitchen, here is why you shouldn’t shop for particle board cabinets.

Particle Board is Cheap, But Not Durable

You get what you pay for has never rung more true than when it comes to particle board. Particle board is known for being an economically-friendly cabinetry material. But, when you consider that it is much more likely than dents and scratches compared to plywood or other materials, it’s likely not worth the price savings in the long run. Few things can be more deflating than installing new cabinets only to have them be easily dented a week later.

Of course, you can always purchase higher-quality particle board cabinets. But, even these premium options are less durable than plywood.

They Don’t Keep Out Moisture

In addition to being susceptible to dents and scratches, particle board also does a terrible job of keeping out water. Even the most experienced chef isn’t immune to spills while cooking, and cabinets can get wet while homeowners wash their dishes as well. Homeowners that have particle board cabinets must always be conscious of this. Otherwise, their cabinets will take in water which can lead to significant issues down the road.

Plywood, on the other hand, is extremely water-resistant. Just like any other type of wooden cabinet, it doesn’t stand well to any long-term water exposure. But, it will maintain its structural integrity for a longer period of time with minimal water exposure.

particle board cabinet with water damage

Particle Board Costs Can Add Up From Replacements

As mentioned, particle board isn’t durable. Therefore, when damage does occur to their cabinets, homeowners must decide if they want to live with it or pay up for replacing the parts that are damaged. Over time, these replacements can add up, and you may be paying just as much in the long-run compared to the sturdier plywood option.

Pros and Cons Recap For Particle Board Kitchen Cabinets

Here are the key pros and cons to consider when deciding on whether or not particle board kitchen cabinets are right for you:

  • Very Affordable
  • Can Pay For More Premium Options That Are Also More Sturdy
  • Not Very Long-Lasting or Durable
  • Susceptible to Water Damage
  • Will Likely Need to Make Replacements or Repairs at Some Point

Particle board cabinets are just one of the many options out there and it’s best to do your research before you make your decision. Take the time to consider the types of cabinets, styling, and most importantly, the materials used.

Why Puustelli Cabinetry is the Right Choice

Puustelli’s Miinus kitchen concept has revolutionized the modern kitchen.  Our cabinets are authentically Scandinavian and are rooted in a deep, 100-year history. During the course of all these years, we’ve been delivering high-quality, gorgeous, and modern kitchen cabinets for our clients.

But our cabinets aren’t only beautiful, they are also eco-friendly and sustainable. We’ve established data-driven ecological production methods and chosen the most ecological, healthy, and sustainable materials to ensure our kitchens are safe for your family and the environment.

modern open layout kitchen with scandinavian cabinetry

What Makes Us Different

From day one back in 1920, we’ve looked to innovate and improve our cabinets. Today, our cabinets are the product of our progressive mindset. We select only the best materials that are sure to withstand the regular wear and tear of a functional kitchen. Our glues are completely void of formaldehyde and our wood surfaces are finished with only natural oils or water-soluble stains and varnishes.

Years of hard work and research have also led to a groundbreaking innovation: our safe, odorless, and 100% recyclable Miinus ecological kitchen frame. This frame is as environmentally-friendly as they come and is also a biocomposite frame. The material used in the frames has been tested for resistance to large variations in temperature and humidity to produce a healthy, long-lasting product.

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