Our showroom may be located in Minneapolis, but our work reaches far beyond Minnesota. We have a process for both in-state and out-of-state designs and installation that vary slightly to ensure you get the same experience our in-town customers get. And don’t worry, those out of state can still visit our virtual showroom and view our idea book brochure for a glimpse into our space and our beautiful products. 

One of the main differences between our in-state design process and out-of-state is requiring some upfront payments to ensure materials and installation get sorted out effortlessly and we can stay on track with our timeline. 

If you live outside of Minnesota and you’ve viewed our showroom, done your research, and know with certainty that you want to build your dream kitchen with us, here’s how you can get started.

Our 7 Step Process for Out-of-State Customers

We keep things simple with a 7 step process that keeps things moving and prevents a ton of back and forth. So you won’t be left in the dark and will be side-by-side with us every step of the way. 

Step 1: Our Initial Online Meeting

After a whole year of communicating via Zoom and Facetime, I think we have become quite accustomed to communicating via online meetings, so this should be a breeze! Our first initial meeting will be online with our out-of-state customers, and we’ll get all of your needs and goals in our focus. 

We will walk through each step of the process, take a look at your budget, and determine how we can get you to the finish line. After this online meeting, we will have you send us photos of your kitchen now, any renderings you do have, all measurements, and if it’s a new build, the architectural drawings, or blueprints.

Step 2: Design Work Begins!

With your design goals and ideas in mind, the fun stuff can begin. Our dedicated team will start designing your dream kitchen and come back to you in a week or two with the initial designs. 

Step 3: 3D Design Review & Agreement Proposal (Online Meeting)

During the design phase, we draft up some 3D renderings of your new kitchen at no cost to you. Then, we will show you those designs in our online meeting and workshop any changes, updates, and likes vs. dislikes. This meeting will be completely interactive: we want your feedback! After all, it’s your kitchen, not ours. 

At the end of the meeting, we will present our design agreement proposal that breaks down the entire scope of the project. Once you agree to the proposal and sign it, we can begin our final design work. This time is also an opportunity for you to get any samples of materials (countertops, cabinets, paint chips, etc.) so you can choose the exact materials you want. 

Step 4: Design Agreement (Online Meeting)

Now that you’ve gone through the material samples, reviewed the proposal, and made any necessary adjustments, we can get the design agreement signed and lock in the work to come. 

Once signed, the design agreement will be mailed or scanned to us along with a $2,500 design agreement fee. Once we have everything tied up on that end, we can continue the design process and have any necessary online meetings to finalize the details. 

Step 5: Virtual Contract Signing

Once all of our design work is complete, we will officially finalize all materials you want and double-check that everything in the drawings and specifications is ready to be ordered. 

We will then present you with your contract to sign before work begins. We will need the signed contract sent back along with ⅓ of the cabinetry payment check. Another ⅓ of the amount will be due when we place our materials order from the factory, which will be no longer than a few days after the contract is signed. 

Step 6: Remodeling & Installation Kicks Off

We’ve made it to the fun part! After the order is placed at our factory, we have a good 4-5 weeks to wait for it to be produced and then another 5-7 weeks to get it delivered to your home. Keep these dates in mind in the early stages of the process, so you know we have a few months of time until you’ll be cooking in your brand new kitchen. But trust us, it’s worth the wait. 

When the final products are shipped to your home, we can begin the 1-2 week installation process. While they are being made, we will do most of the remodeling in your home to prep for installation. Once the cabinets and countertops are installed, we will ask for the final ⅓ payment check. 

Step 7: Final Review 

Once we’ve installed every last piece and every last screw, it’s time to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new kitchen. Is it everything you hoped for and more? We sure hope so! And for a bonus, all of our cabinetry core bio-composite frames come with a 30-year warranty. So you can rest assured knowing that your stunning new kitchen is built to last. 

We want to treat every customer with the same hands-on, collaborative experience whether they are in Minnesota or not. Thankfully, technology makes that easy for us to do so, and we can still build that everlasting relationship with you as we design your gorgeous new kitchen. You can view our process for local residents here.

To get started on your remodeling project and to schedule your complimentary consultation, reach out today!

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