Minimalism is on the rise and many homeowners are looking into designing a minimalist kitchen. Whether folks are feeling too stressed out with a cluttered home or just interested in dialing back their possessions a bit, many homeowners are starting to see the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. While minimalism has become a bit of a buzzword over the past years and has unfairly become synonymous with a mass exodus of all possessions, this isn’t the case.

There are varying degrees of minimalism. On the far end of the spectrum, you have #vanlifers who ditch almost all their possessions for a life on the road in a souped-up van. On the other side, you have people who maybe are a little more thorough with their spring cleaning in the hopes of decluttering their lives a bit.

One specific area of the home that people are focusing their minimalism efforts on is the kitchen. A clean, simplified kitchen invites more functionality into the space and also looks stunning.

So, whether you’re looking to fully embrace the minimalist lifestyle or just what a functional kitchen that looks great, here are 4 of the best minimalist kitchen design ideas to try today.

Ditch the Plugs

A small but critical design tip is finding creative ways to hide plugs. Appliances are a key part of any kitchen, and therefore plugs are needed, but sockets can interfere with the minimalist look and interfere with an otherwise beautiful backsplash.

Pop-up plugs or plugs located inside cabinets or under counters are great ways to maintain a clean, minimalist look that still provides that coveted functionality. This excellent article from Kitchen Magic breaks down all the different ways you can hide sockets throughout your kitchen.

minimalist kitchen design with no visible outlets

Integrate Your Appliances With Modern, Minimalist Cabinetry

If you’re designing a new kitchen or going through a remodel, consider looking for ways to integrate your cabinetry and appliances together. This can be pretty tough on your own, but working with a designer can make the process much easier. The idea is to create a seamless space that flows throughout the kitchen, where the cabinetry blends together with the fridge, oven, and any other appliances you have.

Achieving this look is possible through many types of cabinets, especially Scandinavian cabinetry. Scandinavian cabinets find the perfect balance between functionality and looks. There are many styles of Scandinavian cabinets, meaning you’ll be able to find a set that works with your appliances of choice (for example, stainless steel is a popular choice for minimalist kitchens).

To get a sense of the versatility of Scandinavian design principles in the kitchen, take a look at our gallery!

seamless appliance integration with a minimalist kitchen design

Rich, Deep Colors (Or Even Bright, Vivid Colors!)

The great thing about creating a minimalist kitchen is that it can be tailored to fit your style preferences. For instance, if you want a kitchen with dark, rich tones like navy blue, dark grey, or black, a minimalist kitchen can be achieved with those colors.

Say you’re looking to incorporate bright, vibrant colors for your modern, minimalist kitchen. This, too, is achievable! You don’t get as much versatility with other kitchen types, such as a farmhouse or cottage kitchen. Even the size of the kitchen can vary. Whether you want a big or small kitchen, you can pull it off with a minimalist mindset.

minimalist kitchen design featuring blue cabinets

Create a Sense of Movement With a Moveable Wall (Or Another Fun Designs)

By no means a small detail, integrating a sliding panel wall into your kitchen is a great way to add a modern, fun twist to your minimalist kitchen. Take a look at the kitchen featured in this Elle Decor article to see just how they pulled it off in this Palm Beach apartment.

Of course, a moveable wall isn’t for everyone, but this design idea just goes to show you that you can be as creative as you want with your kitchen design. This listicle presents 50+ creative kitchen design ideas, including building a kitchen table into the island, open cabinets, multicolored cabinetry, and more.

9 Perfect Minimalist Kitchen Examples For Inspiration [Picture Guide] 1

Create Cohesion With Matching Countertops and Backsplashes

Matching your countertops and backsplashes is a great way to bring the entire room together and give the illusion that your counters and kitchen space are bigger than they actually are. Also, by doing so, you create a beautiful cohesion of the space—you’ll be impressed with what connecting your countertops to your backsplash can do for your kitchen.

Now, there are a few different approaches you can take to match your countertops and backsplashes:

1. After installing your countertop or your backsplash (whichever one is first), take a sample of that to the hardware store and find a countertop or backsplash that coordinates well with the other. For example, if you have a grey countertop and want your backsplash to work well with it, you could color match tiles or a tile pattern that goes well with it.

2. Choose the exact same material for your counter space and backsplash. This can work super well if you are doing a tile countertop or custom-cut material. You simply cut smaller pieces of the material and use that as your backsplash for a seamless transition.

3. Lastly, you can simply extend your counter material up about 6 inches from the counter surface to make a small ledge/backsplash, rather than having to install an entirely different or separate backsplash.

minimalist kitchen examples

Low-Profile Counter Space for a Clean Look

For a super sleek countertop, you can insert your sink to be even with the counter—no edge, get a flat stovetop, and have a perfectly flat surface. Clean lines are all the rage during this minimalist trend, and when you walk into your kitchen and see a perfectly seamless countertop will be unlike anything else.

You can take the low-profile one step further and have frameless cabinets, inset windows with no frames, and invisible hardware. Some people love this sterile, operating room clean look, and this is the way to do it.

Integrate Statement Pieces That Break Up the Mundane

Even if you enjoy the white, clean look of a minimalist kitchen, you can still incorporate some colorful statement pieces to bring the room together. For example, brightly colored bar stools or fruit bowls can break up the mundane, white countertops and give them some life. Plus, statement pieces like art or plants are easily interchangeable and can be switched out when you get sick of it and want a change.

Some great ideas of statement pieces include:

  • Bar stools or dining chairs
  • Large canvas art
  • Fresh fruit or flowers
  • A colorful rug or dish towels
  • Statement lighting
  • Unique art installations or wall-hangings
  • Unique kitchen island countertop
  • One dark-colored or wallpapered wall

Extend the Counter of Your Kitchen Island for the Perfect Hangout Spot

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the place to be when you have guests over. Everyone loves to commune over drinks and food, and the kitchen island is the perfect spot to be. But often, the kitchen island does not actually have a countertop to sit at, aside from a small breakfast counter on one side.

Consider putting a wider countertop on your kitchen island to make it accessible from all sides. Then, people can pull up a barstool on any side of your kitchen island and sit comfortably around while you chat over drinks and appetizers.

9 Perfect Minimalist Kitchen Examples For Inspiration [Picture Guide] 2

Utilize Invisible Hardware for a Clean, Minimalist Space

We briefly touched on invisible hardware before, but it truly is a unique take on the modern-day kitchen. Who needs hardware when you can have non-ware? For a minimalist look, consider installing cabinets that have “invisible hardware.” This means they either have a built-in handle that is easy to pull and is hidden at first glance. Or, you can utilize kitchen cabinets that are touch-activated or are open and closed via magnets.

Either way, you will love the clean look of these cabinets, and you never have to take the time to update your ugly, outdated hardware. Trends move quickly, and avoiding hardware styles and trends altogether can be just what you need to have a timeless kitchen.

When it comes to creating a new kitchen, you’re only limited by your creativity! (and perhaps your budget). Here are some other articles to help inspire your new modern, minimalist kitchen design.

Finally, if you are ready to modernize your kitchen with beautiful Scandinavian cabinetry, contact us today!

scandinavian kitchen cabinetry by puustelli

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