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Remodeling a kitchen is a fairly extensive process—but how long does it take?

Well, the answer isn’t as simple as a number of days or weeks, as it varies depending on a few different variables. For example, if the remodel is a complete overhaul of the kitchen, it’s going to take longer than if you’re installing new flooring or fresh cabinetry.

To get a complete picture of the timeline for a kitchen remodel, it’s best to first understand the overall process.

The Standard Kitchen Remodel Process

Initial Meeting

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First things first, you’re going to want to meet with the design team, contractor, or whoever the necessary party is based on how you’re approaching the remodel. If you’re doing it DIY, then you still need to lay the groundwork for your remodel by starting to outline what your new kitchen will look like. If you’re meeting with a design team, then this is the time you’ll begin to craft a blueprint for your ideal new kitchen. Visiting a showroom is always a great idea so that you can start to ideate your dream kitchen.

Home Visit

A home visit is also needed so that the design team can get a feel for your space. During this time, they’ll take notes and measurements to make sure that when it comes to designing the new kitchen, no small detail is missed. Typically, both this step and the prior one are complimentary. The initial visit to the showroom may also be optional if you already know what you want for your kitchen.

Design Agreement + Design Workshop

Now comes the really fun part! A good designer will lay out the scope of the project in detail and go over the project in its entirety with you, as well as provide an agreement that can be signed off on. Once the agreement is signed, the real designing can get started. Even if you have a general idea of what your new kitchen will look like (for example, maybe you already have the perfect kitchen cabinets picked out), you can never be too specific when remodeling a kitchen. Now is the time to pick out all the small details that fit your taste and style preferences.

Contract Signing + Installation

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Once all the details are fleshed out, and every “t” is crossed and “i” dotted, a final contract will be signed. Then, the installation will begin!

So, as you can see, there are some variables that factor into the renovation timeline for a kitchen. For example, if you are really busy during a certain week and can’t take the time out of your day to have the designer come to the home or take a look at the showroom, it can add some time to the overall process.

Our process is very similar to the one we just outlined. We always try to be flexible to meet when you are available to ensure that, from start to finish, your kitchen remodel doesn’t take so long that it becomes a burden. We work efficiently but without cutting corners to ensure a speedy but professional process.

Once Installation Starts, How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

The timeline for a new kitchen once installation starts can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks, depending on the size of the project and the materials used.

At Puustelli, we can wrap up a kitchen remodel in 1-1.5 weeks. This is because the materials we use are easier to put together than a traditional kitchen, there is much less cutting, and adjusting needed to make everything fit together. This will help streamline the process and make it much more tolerable on your end as well.

Contact us today if you’re interested in remodeling a kitchen with us and learning more about our authentic, healthy, and eco-friendly Scandinavian cabinets!

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