IKEA Alternatives: How To Get The Look, But Up The Quality

When it comes to Scandinavian interior design, one of the first names that pop up in the minds of homeowners around the U.S. is IKEA.

Since its beginnings, IKEA has been a key player in offering interior European furniture and details that are affordable without compromising the look. This Swedish-based company deserves a lot of credit for introducing this type of home style to the American homeowner.

However, because IKEA has cheaper products, their quality is sometimes called into question by some of their consumers. Because of this, for some homeowners, IKEA isn’t the best option out there.

If you fall into the category of wanting the IKEA look but want to improve the overall quality, here are some IKEA alternatives for doing just that.

Be Willing to Spend a Little More Money

Being able to spend more money is, of course, all dependent on your budget. You can find some fantastic, genuine Scandinavian furniture by moving up the price tier.

Rove Concepts offers some true to form living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture that truly embodies Scandinavian design.

If you’re looking for Scandinavian kitchen furniture—like cabinets—you can find plenty up and coming Scandinavian cabinet makers here in the States. Minnesota is a hotspot for some great IKEA alternatives. Here is a list of some you can choose from!

Consider Working With a Design Team that Specializes in Scandinavian Design

If you’re truly serious about creating a Scandinavian home, then you should consider working with a design team that specializes in doing just that. Finding the right team of designers who are passionate about Scandinavian design and experienced in helping bring this type of design to life for homeowners is the perfect way to get the interior you want.

At Puustelli, we specialize in creating kitchens that emphasize the cleanliness side of Scandinavian design and the warmth that it provides, all while respecting the sustainability and eco-friendly nature that is at the heart of this interior style.

We can do this because we aren’t adopters of Scandinavian design. We were born into it. Puustelli was founded in Finland and brings the sustainable, simple, and modern designs that are found throughout kitchens in Northern Europe to the states.

The benefits of working with a tried-and-true Scandinavian furniture provider range wide and far. First, you know you’re getting the real deal. Second, you’re getting the opportunity to work with a team that truly understands the nuances of Scandinavian design. Third, we think you’ll have a good time working with us. And fourth, you know that the quality is going to match your expectations—perhaps even exceeding them.

If you’re interested in transforming your kitchen with a functional and authentic Scandinavian inspired-design, then contact us today! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Look For Scandinavian Interior Design Tips and ‘Hacks’

Perhaps your IKEA alternative doesn’t involve so much as looking for higher-quality products and design features, but instead, you’re looking to ad-hoc it and merely incorporate some of the interior design elements on your own in a more subtle way.

If this is you, then looking for Scandinavian interior design tips, tricks, and hacks are a great way to do this. By choosing simple decorative accents, decorating with fresh flowers and plants, focusing on neutral colors, and keeping your home clutter-free, you can help create the sense of Scandinavian design in your home without going all-out.

These are great IKEA alternatives for a few reasons. First, it allows you not to have to make significant investments as you can instead focus on smaller changes that, as a whole, will add up to much more. Second, if you ever decide you want to go all-in, then you already have a ton of great features that will accompany the more serious design changes.
To read more about how to create an accurate representation of Scandinavian design elements without a full redesign or renovation, check out this helpful article courtesy of Decor Aid, “How to Create Stunning Scandinavian Interior Design.”

scandinavian kitchen cabinetry by puustelli

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