“Healthy home” is somewhat of a buzzword right now. But, unlike some buzzwords in the home industry, healthy homes aren’t anything that is going to be going away anytime soon—Especially in a post-COVID-19 world.

Basically, the idea of a healthy home, as defined by HUD, is creating a space that promotes safe, decent, and sanitary housing as a means of preventing disease and injury. Having a healthy home is essential for creating an environment that allows a family to grow, thrive, and prosper safely.

Today, we’re specifically going to talk about how to reduce the amount of chemicals or toxins your home may have.

Green Up Your Home With Plants

plants in home

House plants are in right now, and for multiple reasons. First, house plants are a great way to add some life to your interior. Look around your home right now; does it look like it could use a little freshening up? House plants are the perfect way to do just that.

Second, adding plants to your home is an excellent method for drastically reducing toxins in your home because plants are natural air purifiers. They’ll clean the air and absorb chemicals and off-gassing around them, helping to create a more toxic-free home.

Integrate Chemical-Free Cabinets into Your Kitchen

modern scandinavian kitchen design by puustelli usa

Kitchen cabinets can be a pretty big offender of bringing harmful chemicals into your home.

At Puustelli, we’ve not only worked hard to bring authentic Scandinavian cabinets to homeowners, but we’ve also worked tirelessly to create cabinets that truly promote sustainable, healthy living. As a result, our ecologically sustainable kitchen concept Miinus was born.

Our cabinets are MDF and chipboard-free and don’t have any formaldehyde-based glues. In addition, we don’t source our wood from endangered species, and the cabinet frame is 100% recyclable biocomposite.

If you’re interested in creating a healthy home for you and your family, reach out to Puustelli today!

Seek Out Non-Toxic Paint For Your Walls

There once was a time when finding non-toxic paint was tricky. But now—as more consumers are seeking out healthier, more sustainable products—there are some great options out there.

By using non-toxic paint for your home, you can keep both your living space and your family safe. This article courtesy of My Domaine lists out some of the best toxic-free paint brands on the market today!

Use Natural Chemical-Free House Cleaning Products

While there are plenty of great non-toxic paints out there, finding chemical-free cleaning products is a little more difficult.

That being said, there are some fantastic natural cleaning products that have been used by homeowners for quite some time now, with great results. This includes vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. Swapping out some of your more chemical-heavy cleaning supplies with one of the aforementioned natural substitutes is a great way to create a more healthy home.

And, while you do have to do some searching to find them in stores, Simply Quinoa has provided this helpful list of some of the best non-toxic cleaning products in every category!

Consider Green Cookware

green pans

While many people are turning to use organic ingredients for their food, one area of their cooking that could still use some detoxing is the cookware. For example, pure, anodized aluminum pans have been known to potentially be hazardous for your health.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to your cookware is to use safe, non-toxic materials like porcelain enamel, carbon steel, ceramic, and tempered glass.

There are also some great cookware brands out there today that have worked hard to create healthy cookware products, such as Green Pan.

The Importance of Healthy, Holistic Homes

Whether you live in a home with just one occupant or five, crafting a home that avoids harmful chemicals and toxins is extremely important to both your short and long term health.

But, healthy homes should be more than just free from chemicals. They should be sustainable and functional too so that both you and your family can thrive there for years to come.

scandinavian kitchen cabinetry by puustelli

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