Fall 2018 Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase

Collaborating with homeowners on kitchen remodel projects is one of our favorite things we get to do here at Puustelli. Every project we come across is different, and we love making dream kitchens come true for our customers. These two projects could not have been more different yet equally rewarding; from a young couple looking for a functional kitchen layout in a cozy South Minneapolis home, to a family of four undertaking an extensive revitalization of their midcentury modern split in West St. Paul.

Midcentury Modern Makeover
Showcase Home #R11: 1680 Bellows Street, West St. Paul

Bjorn Freudenthal, co-founder of Puustelli USA, and our designers worked with homeowners Stephanie and Tom to find the right balance between preserving the old while incorporating modern cabinetry solutions throughout the first level of the house. In the end, the spacious new kitchen, pantry, and living room cabinetry felt like it had always been part of the home, and perfectly fits the life and style of the homeowners. You can view more pictures of the kitchen in our gallery and read more about the project in the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes Remodelers Showcase Guidebook.

Cozy Comfort
Showcase Home #R45: 5100 Upton Avenue South, Minneapolis

When self-professed minimalists and ecologically minded Eric and Emily approached us with the challenge to maximize space while still providing an open, airy kitchen layout in their South Minneapolis home, we immediately knew we were up for the job. Having contemplated the need for a large addition to the house, the couple ultimately decided to work within the footprint of the house. Working together with our Puustelli designers, the smart design allowed the couple to gain space while not having to sacrifice cabinetry and storage options. The kitchen is now open and inviting, and still fits with the architecture of the house.

You can view more pictures of the project in our gallery, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for information on how we can work with you to make your kitchen remodel dreams come true too.

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