Black kitchens are back! Or were they even actually gone?

Scandinavian design is rooted in minimalism and clean lines. Although it’s generally associated with all-white kitchens and interiors, black kitchens can work very well as a minimalist design to accent Scandinavian design—more so than other bold colors.

When done right, black cabinets can make your kitchen look stunningly chic. But, unfortunately, they can drown your kitchen space and make it seem small when done wrong. So today, we’re sharing examples of how to use black cabinetry to modernize your kitchen.

Family Friendly Black Cabinetry Options

Black cabinets combined with light flooring and white ceramic countertops make this kitchen the perfect place for a family to spend time together from morning until bedtime. Black cabinetry will effortlessly serve younger family members by hiding fingerprints, drips and spills while at the same time making an elegant and very adult design statement in your home.

12 Bold Black Kitchens With Modern Flair [Pictures] 1

Black Cabinets With Natural Wood Countertops

If you’re going to go full black from the cabinets to the island to the walls, you should pair it with a lighter wood to balance out the dark features. This kitchen below pulls this off well. The light wood flooring, countertops, and lighting fixture balance the black in between so it doesn’t get too heavy.

12 Bold Black Kitchens With Modern Flair [Pictures] 2

Modern Minimalist Black Kitchen

Small spaces with black cabinetry can look incredibly elegant, light and bright if the design is executed correctly. In this kitchen, you’ll notice the absence of upper cabinetry on the back wall, and cabinetry with glass doors and side panels above the sink. The large drawer units of the lower cabinets combined with the tall pantry units along the wall ensure more than enough storage options for everything you would need in a kitchen without having to clutter any of your countertop space.

12 Bold Black Kitchens With Modern Flair [Pictures] 3

Matte Black Without Upper Cabinets

Matte black is definitely the most trendy when it comes to modern design, but that doesn’t mean it has to be everywhere in your kitchen. More and more homeowners are leaving out traditional upper cabinetry in favor of streamlined design options that create a peaceful and less “busy” impression in your home. With cabinetry solutions such as the ones provided by Puustelli Kitchens, you won’t be hurting for storage despite the lack of upper cabinets.

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Using Black Accents in the Kitchen

Black isn’t exactly a color or tone; in fact, it’s the absence of color. However, it’s still often considered cooler than other colors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be warmed up. This kitchen proves that. Here, the black kitchen island provides a warming contrast to the white cabinets, and matches nicely with the black window frame and the light fixtures.

scandinavian kitchen cabinets

Black Wall with Birch Cabinetry Inset

Want to include black in your kitchen but afraid it might make your kitchen too dark? No problem! Consider a natural birch accent wall or inset. This birch accent wall makes a significant impact on the otherwise all-black surrounding cabinetry of this home. The black is a beautiful focal point in the kitchen, and the birch details break it up just enough for the cabinetry not completely disappear into the wall.

Puustelli modern black kitchen cabinets

Black Cabinetry Details That Pack a Punch

Black cabinetry doesn’t equal boring when you select a door with a wood grain that will bring your cabinetry to life. In a bright space, surrounded by green scenery and coupled with metal hardware, black cabinetry will make an elegant statement piece, especially with a matching black countertop.

12 Bold Black Kitchens With Modern Flair [Pictures] 4

If you were skeptical of going bold with a black kitchen before, we hope now you see just how dynamic and creative this trend can be. There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing a bold black for your kitchen or other room in your home.

From black cabinets to accent walls to the tiniest details, black can be a beautiful way to modernize your space with something super trendy and unique that your neighbors will envy.

If you’re feeling inspired to re-do your kitchen using Scandinavian and modern elements, reach out to the professional design team at Puustelli. Or, visit our kitchen showroom, where you can see our beautiful designs in action before you plan your own dream kitchen.

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