Black is back! Or was it ever here and gone? Either way, people have been choosing black as a bold choice for their home’s interior and exterior in 2021. This includes the kitchen. Scandinavian design is rooted in minimalism and clean lines. Although it’s generally associated with all-white kitchens and interiors, black can work very well as a minimalist design to accent Scandinavian design—more so than other bold colors. When done right, black cabinets can make your kitchen look stunningly chic. But, unfortunately, they can drown your kitchen space and make it seem small and dingy when done wrong. So today, we’re sharing some amazing examples of people using black to modernize their kitchens.

Black Cabinets Paired With Natural Light ☀

This kitchen example below is a prime example of how to pair natural light with black cabinetry. Black is such a deep, rich color that when light shines on it just right, it can look very dimensional and create a sort of ombre effect like you can see across the cabinets here. We love that the black walls and cabinets perfectly juxtapose the light wood cabinets and flooring. In addition, the matte black breakfast bar chairs tie the whole space together. beautiful black kitchen with large floor to ceiling windows

Beautiful Black Barn Wood Flooring ✔

We love to see a unique take on the bold black kitchen look. This kitchen kept the white cabinets and instead painted the walls and floor black. These wide planked floors with the beautiful black color are absolutely stunning. They elongated the room, and the pop of white cabinets soaks in the natural light from the large windows, which helps prevent the black from taking over the space. Adding splashes of greenery with the plants adds a homey feel to the space, and green and black go so well together. black barn wood flooring in kitchen

Gorgeous Black Tile Backsplash ◾

Black paint and stain aren’t the only options to bring some bold black into your kitchen. These black tiles are a prime example of tying in this element while still opening up the space. This kitchen, for example, has black lower cabinets but removed the upper cabinets for a more simple, minimalist look. The small white shelf with white detailing makes for the perfect contrast against the shiny black tiles. Because the tiles have a shiny hue, they also reflect some of the natural light that comes in, brightening up the space rather than absorbing any light. black subway tile backsplash in small kitchen

Black Cabinets With Natural Wood Countertops ◐

If you’re going to go full black from the cabinets to the island to the walls, you should pair it with a lighter wood to balance out the dark features. This kitchen below pulls this off super well. The light wood flooring, countertops, and lighting fixture all sandwich the black in between so it doesn’t get too heavy. And the marble backsplash makes for the perfect transition between the two. black kitchen with wood accents and stools at island

All Black Everything + Brushed Nickel Fixtures 🖤

This homeowner really went for it with black walls, cabinets, sink, and even their dishes. This bold look works super well for how their kitchen is laid out and the natural stone flooring. The brushed nickel paired with the stark black backdrop gives it an old gothic era feel—and we’re here for it. amazing gothic style black kitchen brushed nickel handles

Black Kitchen + Living Area + Cozy Fireplace ♦

Nothing is as cozy as a fireplace in the kitchen—to say we’re jealous is an understatement. This black kitchen design encapsulates the perfect flow for this living space. The matte black cabinets with the concrete fireplace and gray floors make for the best, comfiest space in the home. The fireplace to the left is perfectly accented with the golden-fire backsplash in the kitchen. All we have to say about this bold black kitchen is bravo. 👏 large open kitchen modern fireplace

Shiny Cabinets and Chrome Details 🎱

Matte black is definitely the most trendy when it comes to modern design, but there’s nothing wrong with some shiny black cabinets! High gloss kitchen cabinets can help make your kitchen seem bigger by being super reflective. They can act as a sort of a mirror and reflect light and everything else in the room. We love that they’re super nostalgic of the 80s and 90s when chrome and high gloss were huge in interior design. Unfortunately, not every home works well with the trendy matte black, so this is a great alternative. black kitchen with chrome accents

Warm Blacks and Whites 🔌

Black isn’t exactly a color or tone; in fact, it’s the absence of color. However, it’s still often considered cooler than other colors, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be warmed up. This kitchen proves that. The golden tones and a lighter shade of black make for a much warmer feel in this kitchen. We also absolutely love the use of clean lines and edges to give some modern dimension to this small but highly functional kitchen area. warm blacks with warm whites in modern kitchen

Using Patterns to Break Up the Monotony 🏁

Notice the pattern on the walls? That’s from those gorgeous light fixtures casting a shadow through their weaved pattern onto the walls. This, along with the black and white patterned backsplash, is one of the most unique and beautiful kitchens we’ve seen! Not only have they committed to the black cabinets, walls, and decor, but they have found a way to make it even more intricate and dynamic. patterns with light fixtures and wall accents in black kitchen modern

Black Accent Wall or Inlet ◾

Want to include black in your kitchen but like your cabinets the way they are? No problem! Consider a black accent wall or a black inset if you have a kitchen like the one below. This single black accent wall makes a significant impact on the otherwise all-white interior of this home. The black is a beautiful focal point in the kitchen, and the white details break it up just enough to not completely disappear into the wall. We love this modern design! black inlet accent wall in large open kitchen layout

Small Black Details That Pack a Punch 🔎

These people choose to keep most of their white kitchen with the marble countertop and white tiled backsplash, but with some small black details that bring the design up another notch. How cool are the black tiles mixed into the white? And the dark gray/black cabinets give this small kitchen space a beautiful trendy appeal without going too strong towards bold blacks. white photos black frames black kitchen counter If you were skeptical of going bold with a black kitchen before, we hope now you see just how dynamic and creative this trend can be. There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing a bold black for your kitchen or other room in your home. From black cabinets to accent walls to the tiniest details, black can be a beautiful way to modernize your space with something super trendy and unique that your neighbors will envy. If you’re feeling inspired to re-do your kitchen using Scandinavian and modern elements, reach out to the professional design team at Puustelli. Or, visit our kitchen showroom, where you can see our beautiful designs in action before you plan your own dream kitchen.

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