So, you’ve fallen in love with the idea of an open kitchen design for your home. Well, you’re certainly not alone! The open kitchen concept is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners everywhere for a couple of reasons. 

First, there is no denying the modernity of an open kitchen concept. From a looks perspective, open kitchens are stunning. 

Second, they are extremely functional and allow you to work in the kitchen with ease. Whether you’re cooking or are hosting family gatherings during the holidays, an open kitchen never feels too cramped. Perfect for socializing and cooking. 

If you aren’t quite sold on an open kitchen yet, after you take a look at these fantastic open kitchen designs, you might just be hooked. 

Mid-Century Modern Lover’s Dream

5 Open Kitchen Designs to Help Inspire your New Kitchen 1

One of the best things about an open kitchen is that it allows you to utilize that open space however you want. The table in this kitchen is perfect for grabbing breakfast before starting your day, while it can be easily moved if you need to open the space up for hosting friends and family. 

Live Life in Color

5 Open Kitchen Designs to Help Inspire your New Kitchen 2

With a dash of vibrant colors to perfectly contrast the neutral browns, this design is a fun, modern take on open kitchens. While the large island does limit the space somewhat, there is still plenty of space to go around. In addition, this kitchen goes to show how you can personalize your kitchen to fit both your style and functionality needs. This design would also work perfectly if the homeowner decided they didn’t want the island. 

Architect’s Dream Remodel

5 Open Kitchen Designs to Help Inspire your New Kitchen 3

A great example of a minimalist design incorporated into an open kitchen, this modern kitchen is truly stunning. One of our favorite features are the doors with windows, which allow the sun to shine into the kitchen. As a company with Scandinavian roots, natural light is a must in any home! 

By the River

5 Open Kitchen Designs to Help Inspire your New Kitchen 4

Here is another gorgeous kitchen with dark tones, minimalist detailing, and plenty of space. With plenty of storage to go around, the homeowners can minimize clutter and keep their space clean and simple at all times. A counter with stools makes for a quick and easy way to enjoy a quick meal. 

Golden Valley

5 Open Kitchen Designs to Help Inspire your New Kitchen 5

This open kitchen design also does a great job of allowing natural light to enter the space. A large island doesn’t get in the way of functionality, as there is still plenty of available room for cooking. In addition, there are plenty of storage opportunities that help to avoid the cluttered feeling that kitchens can sometimes have.

scandinavian kitchen cabinetry by puustelli

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