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I’ve lived with my new kitchen for several months now. I can honestly say that I absolutely love my new space. Everything is organized, because a logical and efficient space has been designed for it. The Puustelli team really listens to their customers and delivers a kitchen that one definitely loves.

Almost a year later and I still love my kitchen! Everyone we worked with was so good at what they did, all very professional and very personable, and they all delivered quality, from the design to selection, to workmanship. Thanks to the team at Puustelli.

If you’re looking to embark on a remodel and you want something different from the ordinary, than Puustelli is highly recommended. Our space is beautiful, functional, timeless and we absolutely love it! I can honestly say I’m a convert and LOVE Scandinavian design!

While the construction was stressful at times, it was so worth it in the end. Not only do we have an incredible kitchen to cook, hang out, and host in, we have great new friends in the Puustelli team. We can’t stress enough how great they were to work with. We couldn’t have picked a more fun, talented and innovative company to remodel our kitchen. We would recommend them to anyone looking to update their home.

Here’s What One Builder Has to Say About Puustelli USA

Michael Anschel is a principal at Otogawa-Anschel Design+Build. He is also past member of MN NARI’s Board of Directors, MN GreenStar’s Board of Directors, and writer for Remodeling Magazine. Michael remains an active participant in the building industry and works to improve the industry and its connection to the community.

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