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Wellness Trends and Healthy Living are Here to Stay

In 2018 we will do even more healthy things for the good of our bodies, mind and home.

According to the American psychologist Abraham Maslow, the hierarchy of needs explains why we want something. Or, in other words, it identifies our “motivational force.” Formed as a pyramid, our most basic level one needs are physical things like shelter. Next, we need a door, which is level two: “safety.” After that, we need to belong to a group and perhaps also to feel love. The top level is “self-actualization.” This is where most of us are today. We want activities, values or trends that help us achieve our full potential. Today we often rank “health” as a key for being a better person.

In this day and age, I hear a lot about toxins floating in the air. To combat this, I’ve been looking to purchase a living plant wall, but couldn’t find one in the Minneapolis area. Finally, I discovered, a manufacturer of green wall systems from Finland. They have locations within the U.S. which means that, finally, I will be getting something for the Puustelli USA showroom.

Our MIINUS cabinetry systems also help reduce air toxins. The materials chosen for MIINUS cabinetry, together with non-toxic manufacturing methods, ensure a pure, safe kitchen and home for day-to-day living. With MIINUS cabinetry we have at least 50% cleaner air in our homes, a result of not utilizing MDF, chipboard, melamine or laminated surfaces in the materials or manufacturing process. Also, all of the glues, oils and paints are water based. And all the components are fully re-usable and recyclable.

Of course, health is not only about air pollution. Health is also about food and fitness. When it comes to food, healthy drinks remain a trend. This year we will be favoring vinegar infusions and kombucha drinks. As a vinegar lover, I’ll be trying out many different infusions, and I’ve already started consuming kombucha. Whatever your choices, the key words are anti-inflammatory and gut healthy. At our January 20 wellness event we will enjoy kombuchas and green mimosas with raw carrot cake and other healthy, savory tasty goodies!

Finally, when it comes to workouts and health, the trend seems to be clear — it’s very much about working with our bodies. I’m familiar with, and a big fan, of the barre concept. This coming weekend, at our showroom event, I will get to know even more about barre 3, and I can’t wait! I invite you to join us.

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