Upcoming Events

Join us at one of our many Puustelli USA events. We are proud to host and participate in a variety of activities ranging from wine-tastings, art fairs, golf tournaments, and other socially-minded community events. We hope to see you there!

  • Sat

    Burroughs School : 1601 West 50th Street | Minneapolis, MN 55419
    10:00am to 3:00pm

    Stop by the Home Improvement Fair and meet over 40 of the Twin Cities’ finest remodelers, plumbers, landscapers, painters, masons, electricians, arborists and more. Enjoy free coffee and snacks as you browse examples of their work, and attend presentations throughout the day on many topics, designed to offer candid and realistic advice to attendees.

    Whether your projects are big or small, indoor or out, minor customizations or major renovations, they deserve the care and attention of an expert. You’ve come to the right place.

    This is a free, family-friendly event hosted by Southwest Journal.

    Visit the Home Improvement Fair website to learn more: http://www.southwestjournal.com/homefair/

    Workshop: Puustelli Scandinavian Kitchen Design & Whole Home Cabinetry Solutions — Before & After Renovation Case Studies
    1:00pm | Presented by Puustelli USA

    • Learn about Puustelli products — the most eco-friendly cabinetry system on the market today;
    • See what the future of kitchen and cabinetry systems looks like today;
    • Bring your wish list, ideas and questions!
  • Fri

    House #R42 : 5345 Grand Avenue South | Minneapolis, MN 55419
    Noon to 6:00pm

    Scandinavian kitchen design completes this kitchen/main level/mudroom renovation and reconfiguration in this unique 1991 home. This home features the leading Scandinavian kitchen and cabinetry brand, Puustelli's Scandinavian Cabinetry Solutions, and showcases the most eco-friendly cabinetry system on the market today. This home boasts a more functional and inclusive kitchen/dining room plan with a center island and a generous mudroom that will serve this family with young children and their family dog very well for years to come!

    Visit the Parade of Home Remodelers Showcase website to learn more: https://www.paradeofhomes.org/entries/1724

    Enjoy Scandinavian Kitchen Design, Wine & Nordic Treats | 4:00 to 6:00pm
    Come see the most eco-friendly cabinetry systems on the market today while visiting with the Puustelli Scandinavian kitchen design team.

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