When you think of two-toned kitchens, your mind may immediately visualize your grandparent’s kitchen from the 1960s. So is it surprising to hear that two-toned cabinets are as modern as ever?

That’s right, contemporary kitchens are saying goodbye to clinical all-white color schemes and hello to playful color combinations.

Two-tone kitchen cabinet colors don’t have to be bright and colorful. Modern elegance can be achieved by pairing neutral colors. But, bold colors are great for your contemporary kitchen, and we’ll show you how you can create a two-tone kitchen with blues, yellows, pinks, and more.

Ready to gain inspiration from contemporary kitchen designs? Below you’ll find our 12 favorite two-tone kitchen cabinet color combinations.

1) Go Modern With Black and Brown

Some people feel very passionate about never pairing brown shoes with black pants or vice versa. However, at Puustelli, we believe that brown and black make one of the most stunning kitchen cabinet color combinations.

Take a look at this design we completed for a client. The rich brown color of the wooden cabinets gives the room a classic, rustic feel. The sleek black edges add an ultra-modern vibe to this homey kitchen. This color combination is simple enough to pair nicely with stainless steel appliances and fresh white walls and countertops.

12 Of Our Favorite Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations [Pictures] 1

2) Contrast With Glass Doors

Whoever decided that our kitchenware should always be completely hidden? Especially when you own beautiful pottery, china, or colorful cookware, you deserve to show off your collection.

Achieve a light, airy ambiance in your kitchen with white cabinet frames and glass doors. Notice how beautifully this Puustelli design pairs with gold hardware like the faucet and handles. If a white kitchen is still your preference, there are ample ways to keep white fresh and modern.

12 Of Our Favorite Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations [Pictures] 2

3) Similar, but Different

Consider pairing similar colors if you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate two-tone cabinets. In this photo, the bottom cabinets are black, and the top cabinets are grey with a black frame. A slightly darker hue on the bottom allows the lighter shade on top to really pop, even though black and grey are similar colors.

Are you nervous about designing a black kitchen? Don’t worry. Black is a popular kitchen color for modern kitchens, as it has many attributes:

  • Sleek
  • Elegant
  • Sophisticated
  • Versatile

ikea alternatives

4) Black and White Is Always Classic

Panda bears, dalmatians, zebras, crossword puzzles, chess boards, piano keys… the list of things that are black and white goes on and on. There’s a reason black and white photos are still taken today. There’s something about the combination of these complementary colors that has stood the test of time.

Whether you want a vintage vibe or a modern, airy atmosphere, black and white two-tone cabinets are perfect for any kitchen. This Puustelli design even incorporates opposing black and white doors on either side of the kitchen to really wrap the entire theme together.

However, the black and white combination isn’t overbearing, as the brown wood kitchen table in the center of the room adds a nice contrast to the cabinetry.

black and white scandinavian kitchen

5) Include Bold Knobs and Handles

Our very first example of two-tone cabinets was a brown and black combination. This design goes one step further by incorporating white as a third focal point. White and brown is often considered an outdated color combination, but with the addition of the sleek black accents in this kitchen, the white drawer handles add a contemporary vibe.

mid-century modern kitchen remodel

6) Go Bold or Go Home

Have you ever considered a pink kitchen? Bold colored kitchens are perfect for eclectic homeowners who want their personalities to shine throughout their living space. Notice how the cabinets aren’t pink in this photo, but the wall is. In fact, the cabinetry is a combination of three classic designs:

  • White marble
  • Light wood
  • Crisp white

This kitchen space creates visual interest everywhere you look by pairing subtle, neutral cabinets with a bold, contrasting pink and black wall. With a daring kitchen design like this, your personality is sure to come to life as you create fantastic dishes for your friends and family.

brown sustainable kitchen cabinetry by puustelli usa

7) Try Pairing Blue Tones With Light Wood

Transform your kitchen into a beachside paradise by pairing various blue-toned cabinets with light-colored wood cabinets such as:

  • White oak
  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • Hickory

Not only does blue pair beautifully with light wood accents, but the two different shades of blue in this kitchen add stunning dimensions. Blue is many people’s favorite color, and for a good reason. Blue has many positive psychological attributes and is found by most people to elicit feelings of:

  • Peacefulness
  • Tranquility
  • Security
  • Inspiration

blue and light wood two tone color combinations for kitchen

8) Create a Visual Centerpiece

Think out of the box by creating a contrasting focal point with your kitchen cabinets. In the two-tone design in this photo, a portion of white cabinets stands out from the blue-grey cabinets. Our focus is drawn towards the stove on the left side of the kitchen.

Because of this creative design, the blue-grey cabinets don’t feel heavy or dull. Instead, our focus keeps moving around to all the exciting aspects of this kitchen, like the tile backsplash and multidimensional island table.

visual centerpiece two tone color combinations

9) Switch Up Your Kitchen Island

Who says your two-toned cabinets have to always be at eye level? A fun yet subtle way to incorporate two-tone cabinets is to add an accent color to your kitchen island. At first glance, the kitchen in this photo looks like a classic white kitchen with gold accents. However, a deeper look reveals a striking kitchen island with deep blue cabinets.

The richness of this color selection gives a regal air to the space. The deep blue island cabinets add depth to the kitchen, and the multicolored tile backsplash behind the stovetop ties it all together. Changing up the color of your island cabinets is a fantastic way to modernize an all-white kitchen.

kitchen island two tone color combination

10) A Splash of Yellow Never Hurt

Playing with light and dark colors is a surefire way to brighten a room, especially when black cabinets are featured on the bottom and lighter cabinets are installed on top. Black and yellow has always been a quintessential color combination.

However, you don’t have to install an entire wall of yellow cabinets to achieve a bright, sunny feel. Instead, opt for more neutral cabinetry, such as the light wood featured in this photo. Then, add a splash of color on your walls or cabinet frames to brighten the space and add character.

yellow and black two tone color combination kitchen inspiration

11) Create Elegance With White and Grey

One of the most subtle ways to add dimension to your kitchen is to pair two delicate colors. Instead of having an all-white kitchen that washes itself out, incorporate light grey accent cabinets. These two light colors keep the area feeling fresh and airy while still multidimensional.

Gold hardware makes the perfect addition to an elegant grey and white kitchen. If your kitchen doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, light cabinets like this will help make your kitchen feel larger.

multiple textures mid-century modern

12) Play With Pastels

If spring is your favorite season, why not channel springtime all year round with a cheerful pastel kitchen? To achieve a pastel kitchen, not everything needs to be colorful. Balance the room by incorporating white cabinets at eye level and either white or wood countertops. Stick to two pastel colors, like pink and blue, so your kitchen remains cohesive and easy on the eyes.

pastel two tone color combination

Transform Your Home With Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners want a modern kitchen, and two-color kitchen cabinets are one of the freshest and most intriguing modern designs. Incorporating two-tone kitchen cabinets helps visually separate the space while adding depth and character to a room.

To many people, the kitchen is their favorite place in their home. It symbolizes bringing people together and sharing food and laughter. Why not create an environment that makes you feel truly at home?

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are here to stay. Whether you prefer neutrals, bold colors, or elegant details, a skilled kitchen designer will be able to bring your vision to life with stunning cabinetry.

Are you ready to take your kitchen from lackluster to eye-catching? Contact the cabinet experts at Puustelli to visit our showroom today!

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