Spring Gardening in Minnesota


I would like share my passion and some tips about gardening. My name is Hannele, born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. I have always enjoyed digging in the dirt and creating beauty with flowers around me. I have said that the summer is once a year, so let’s enjoy it. I love to see the change, and what you can make with your very own hands. I also do a little garden work for other people in town.

Every spring I will draw a sketch of the deck and front of the house, and plan where I will put all my pots. That way I will get better idea what flowers I want to buy. My absolutely favorite garden center is Donahue’s Greenhouse in Faribault, where I have worked many seasons too.

It has been crazy spring, even though the days are warm now, the nights are just a little bit too cool to put out summer flowers. Most tropical plants and flowers require at least 50 F throughout the day and night. But there is light at the end of the tunnel — looks like next week night temperatures are warmer.

Cool spring doesn’t mean you can’t have any color outside. Good choice is Violas, which I have had in the pouches. Pansies are cool weather tolerant too and colorful pansy bowl is always an eye catcher.

viola puch and pansy bowl

Viola Pouch and Pansy Bowl

When it is time for some serious planting, my favorites Climbing Mandevillas, Superbells (Superbells) and Geraniums. These are all sun loving flowers and I want to mention that Hummingbirds are very attracted to Superbells. I like to have one fragrant rose in the pot up at the deck, to welcome you after hard day of work. In the shade I usually have ferns, which I over wintered

Geraniums, Fragrant Rose and Fern

There are beautiful new colors in all summer flowers to choose from. I ran into this wonderful new herb for this year — Strawberry Mint. If you rub the leaf, you can smell strawberry and Mint at the same time. Wonderful for cooking.

Planting summer/annuals flowers in pots is always easy and gives you the color you need for the whole summer. Make your gardening fun and interesting, and the main thing is that YOU enjoy what you are doing. I think that gardening is the real “food” for your soul.

Happy planting everyone!!!

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