Chef Anna

“It was such a wonderful dinner and Finnish experience, loved the Xmas meatballs and the salad Made good ideas to try at home!”

“This class was great! A big thank you to Anna and the whole Puustelli Team!”

“Really great! We had so much fun and LOVED the food! Drinks were good too! Timing could have been better, but we know that can’t always be helped! Really enjoyed getting to know everyone!”

A Message from Chef Anna

The Nordic Cooking Class Was a Success!

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Nordic Cooking Class Background

A little background regarding why I organized this event: As my followers know, I have always been very passionate about cooking and creating new, beautiful and different recipes. I was very lucky with my mom and my two grandma’s letting me be in the kitchen to look and learn. At a very early age I understood I had an eye for beauty, which made me like cooking even more because I was able to make everything look beautiful. The other important thing is that I was always taught to use locally produced and/or organic ingredients, which made my food creations taste even better. Sometimes I hear from people that it’s too expensive, and I get that, but in reality if you look from the right sources it’s really not — it’s just more work to find right kind of ingredients. The other important thing is to look for seasonal items, which are always the best choice for many reasons. Seasonal items are the tastiest, most cost effective and the most healthiest for your body.

Another reason for this event: The colder climate brings us together to socialise, and encourages the desire to eat well. Nowadays, we want to integrate food into a healthy lifestyle, and this was the perfect opportunity to highlight the natural flavours of our world-class modern Nordic cuisine.

Nordic Cooking Class Recap

I was selling 16 tickets for the event and asked for 25$ “commitment” fee from attendees. I ended up getting so many emails and phone calls to add tickets. I added four more but, unfortunately, some people weren’t able to get tickets. For those who didn’t, don’t worry — I will be organizing many more cooking classes in the coming year with different themes.

I ended up with 18 people in the class plus my own crew of five. In our showroom we have four fully functioning kitchens: two smaller ones and two bigger ones, plus a wet bar kitchen without cooking functions. We ended up having teams in groups of five, three, six and four. Each team got to make a different dish, including:

While cooking everyone had much fun. They learned a lot and enjoyed each others company. Cocktails and wine were served by our famous bartender, Harri.

Nordic Cooking Class Takeaways

After the event, attendees provided welcome feedback. What did I learn? Parking suggestions would have been helpful, and some thought the evening went a bit long. Some people wished they were able to see how the other courses were made. No one mentioned pre-cooking some items, but I’ll do this for the next event to save time. The other thing is that I can really only have 14 people working in four kitchens, then I will have a good amount of time for each team. I can’t wait to have the next class!

Thank you all for making it very special! There was definitely Holiday in the air! Pop, fizz and cheers!

Enjoy the atmosphere of the class through these amazing photos!

Photos by Dave Puente

The next Cooking event will be in January 18th with the theme of New Nordic Cuisine!

Pure, Simple, Healthy, Natural: What we can learn about new Nordic movement?

The New Nordic is all about what’s in season. The Nordic way of thinking looks at what we produce locally, and what we can do with it — whether it’s carrots, artichokes — and we aren’t afraid to see a potato as the hero of the dish!

Join me on January 18, 2019: 4:30-8:30 PM

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