Your kitchen isn’t just any other room in your home. It plays an even more important role than a place to pour a bowl of cereal or cook up some spaghetti. Your kitchen is a memory-maker where you gather with your friends, children, and other family members. It’s a place where you simultaneously want to entertain guests and find comfort after a long day.

An outdated kitchen can feel out-of-place at best and downright embarrassing at worst. So when it comes time to make much-needed updates and improvements to your kitchen, you want to go with a design that will be timeless without sacrificing modernity.

Enter: White kitchen cabinets.

Modern white kitchen cabinets have a way of completely transforming kitchens into inspiring rooms you actually want to spend time in. And while a totally white kitchen is an option, you can still incorporate color elsewhere to stay true to your personality.

At Puustelli, we specialize in designing modern, eco-friendly Scandinavian kitchen cabinets. We’ve gathered nine of our favorite designs that feature modern white kitchen cabinets to help you feel inspired for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

1) Airy With Metallic Hardware 🌤

We absolutely adore this light and airy design with glass doors. We anchored two shelving units with white biocomposite frames and glass doors right in front of a window. This placement and design choice allows plenty of natural light to enter the kitchen. Plus, the homeowner can add a playful pop of color by showcasing their colorful dishware.

In true modern fashion, these white cabinets feature brass hardware. Brass, copper, and gold hardware on white cabinets is a modern kitchen design trend that adds elegance and formality to any kitchen space. Metallic hardware also offers a rich, warm tone contrasted against the neat and clean feel of white cabinets.

The backsplash of this kitchen design brings out the warmth of the hardware with off-white walls. This color choice is a fantastic way to resemble an all-white kitchen without completely washing out the area and ridding it of any other color.

airy metallic hardware modern white kitchen ideas

2) Classic Look With a Modern Twist ⚡

This contemporary kitchen was one of our favorite designs to complete. This design is a fantastic example of how you can incorporate modern white kitchen cabinets into your kitchen without making everything else white, too. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a very popular trend that doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

We love how the dark gray lower cabinets add dimension and break up the space, while the white cabinets make the kitchen feel even larger than it is. These granite countertops are a perfect happy medium between the white and gray cabinets.

This is another design that features a white cabinet frame with a glass door, which really adds a unique touch to the space. And who doesn’t love the yellow step stool as a finishing touch of color and personality?

modern white kitchen ideas with a modern twist

3) Calming and Approachable 🤍

Some designs never go out of style. You simply can’t go wrong with neutral tones anywhere in your home, but especially in your kitchen. Benefits of a neutral tone kitchen include:

  • Works with any design style, including traditional, contemporary, and transitional
  • Neutral colors are standard for almost all manufacturers, making it easy to find cabinets that fit your budget
  • Makes a small space feel larger
  • Neutral tones match well with each other but also leave room for any color accents
  • Easily swap out decor to change the feel or match the season

We love how this design features white upper cabinets with no hardware, but the lower cabinets have hardware that really pops. This keeps the design cohesive without it all blending into each other. With white floating shelves, beige walls, and neutral countertops, this kitchen design is truly timeless with a modern edge.

white marble kitchen

4) Bright and Functional 🌻

We can’t get enough of how white cabinet frames and glass doors really brighten up kitchens. This clean and modern design features white kitchen cabinets that make the space feel large and spacious. Multiple textures with the granite-style subway tile backsplash and white brick wall add dimension to the room.

Even with a mostly-white kitchen design, there is still an opportunity for colors. We love how this homeowner subtly features the primary colors of blue, red, and yellow with their chinaware and flower bouquet. This is another design where metallic hardware really adds a level of warmth to the room.

bright and functional modern white kitchen ideas

5) Updated and Family-Friendly 👪

For this kitchen design, we tackled a designer-owned home that was passed down as a family heirloom. With something this important to the family, it was essential for us to keep the overall feeling of the space while still incorporating modern updates.

This design maintains the integrity of the original sentiment of the space, and the large white cabinets open up the room. We love the walnut wood countertop on the island and how it really grounds the entire room.

updated family friendly modern white kitchen idea

6) Down to Earth 🌱

Who says white cabinets can’t have texture or dimension? If you look closely at this nature-inspired design, you’ll see that the white cabinets actually feature a wood grain pattern. This subtle design choice really contributes to the earthy feeling of this kitchen.

With plenty of natural light from the windows, a neutral gray backsplash, and plant accents, stepping into this kitchen feels like a big breath of fresh air. We also love the clean lines that direct the eye gaze across the room.

down to earth modern white kitchen idea with texture

7) Maximizing Space 📦

Mid-century modern is a very popular home design style that originated during the middle of the 20th century. It is rooted in concepts like:

  • Functionality
  • Clean lines
  • Simplicity

In mid-century modern kitchen designs like this one, wooden accents really shine. With white cabinetry as the main focal point, the wood flooring and island cabinets tie in the mid-century modern design without feeling overwhelming or out of place.

The open concept design leaves plenty of space to gather, cook, and entertain.

modern white kitchen idea

8) Black and White Dream ❤

The only color more classic than white is black. And when you combine them, sparks fly! Black kitchen cabinets are trending just as much as white cabinets, and you can get the best of both worlds by combining them.

White cabinets offer a sense of cleanliness, freshness, and light. Black cabinets add mystery, elegance, and drama. Together, they create a black and white ultra-modern design that feels timeless, vintage, and contemporary all at the same time.

We love how this design gets playful with different black and white features. There is one black door and one white door, a black lighting fixture, white flowers, and a black and white patterned ceiling. The light wood floors and backsplash act as a neutral complement that allows the design to shine without getting too repetitive.

black and modern white kitchen idea

9) Dimensional White Elegance 💎

In homes with little kids running around, white cabinets can quickly get smudged by small helping hands. Just like how our nature-inspired design above featured a wood grain pattern on the cabinets, these white cabinets also have a subtle multi-colored speckled design.

This simple design choice allows the space to feel bright and clean because white takes center stage, and the speckles make the room feel lived-in while hiding any smudges or stains that are sure to pop up.

This kitchen design is the true definition of elegant. We adore the sharp pendant lights, light wood floors and stools, black island, and brass faucet. Something as simple as a beautiful, brightly colored rug really ties the entire room together. Who says a family-friendly design can’t be luxurious, too?

white elegant kitchen

Transform Your Kitchen With Modern White Cabinets

White cabinets are a kitchen design trend that is here to stay because of how adaptable they are. Whether you want an all-white kitchen, two-toned cabinets, or wooden accents, white cabinets pave the way to the kitchen design of your dreams.

The cabinetry you choose has a huge impact on your home’s functionality and health. Puustelli Kitchens is proud to exclusively offer eco-friendly, luxurious kitchen cabinets that are never made from harmful chemicals. You can’t find this quality of care through just any supplier.

If you’re feeling inspired by the designs you just viewed, schedule an appointment to visit our showroom! Additionally, you can download our free brochure to explore colors and design options for your upcoming kitchen remodel.

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