We want to preface this post by saying that when it comes to color trends and what’s popular these days for interior home design, what really matters is what you want for your kitchen. While the colors and trends we mention here are all great options, you can really make any color work as long as you pair it with accents that go along with it.

Think of this post as a guide to a decision that is ultimately yours. If you’re interested in working with a team of talented kitchen designers, contact us today! At Puustelli, we have a team of passionate kitchen design experts who will take your vision and goals for your new kitchen and help guide you through the tough decisions.

If you’re looking for new cabinets, check out our gallery for some inspiration!

With all that said, here are some of the top color trends for kitchens in 2021, as well as some tips for matching your cabinets with your walls.

2021 Kitchen Color Trends

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Black and White

Black and white have seen their fair share of ups and downs when it comes to popularity among kitchen colors. Recently the Pantone Color Institutes predicted a resurgence in black and white for kitchens. This is partially because of the rise of modern, simple, and minimalist kitchens. Neutral, plain tones like white and black are benefiting greatly because of this.

Good Ol’ Fashioned White

White simply won’t go out of style. Whether it’s a plain white tee, a buttoned white shirt under a suit, or a pair of white sneakers, white is a classic look that is here to stay. Whether you want a modern or more traditional, classic kitchen, white is a viable option. For some owners, it might come off as too cold. But, you can add warmth with plants, wooden chairs, or other natural elements to accent the space.

Natural Tones and Eco-Friendly Materials

Natural, warm tones are going to be HUGE in 2021 and beyond. Homeowners are looking for ways to create a more holistic, happy, and healthy space, and the kitchen is a great place to incorporate this trend. Avoiding toxic chemicals in their cabinetry, using real wood sourced from non-endangered trees, and overall creating a warm and inviting space are all things we’re going to see in kitchens being designed this year. If that sounds like you, definitely give us a call or message us. Healthy, clean cabinets and kitchens are our specialty!

Bold Colors

Dare to be bold by going with a vibrant green, blue, orange, or any color that pops in your kitchen for 2021! If you want to incorporate more fun, daring colors into your kitchen, it’s important to work with a designer to ensure you do it right. There’s a small line between a kitchen that utilizes bold colors in a modern, refreshing style versus one that does it in a tacky manner. But don’t let that deter you; when it’s done right, a bold kitchen color concept can look amazing!

Dark, Relaxing Blues

For a relaxing, calming ambiance, you can’t get much better than deep blues. Not only do deep blues create a tranquil atmosphere, but they are growing in popularity too. We can’t recommend this color scheme enough, especially when paired with natural wood cabinetry.

Tips For Matching Cabinets and Wall Colors

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Matching cabinets with your wall color can be tricky. Here are some quick tips to make sure your cabinets and walls don’t clash.

Light Cabinets vs. Dark Walls (and Vice Versa)

Oftentimes, most people will say that if you have dark walls, the cabinets should be lighter. And, if your walls are lighter, then the cabinets should be darker. As a general rule of thumb, this is a good guideline to follow. That being said, you can definitely make it work if both your walls and cabinets are of similar tones. Make sure to work with a designer so you can be positive you’ll pull off the look!

White Cabinets and White Walls: Can it Work?

Absolutely! If you love the idea of having white walls and cabinets, just make sure to use darker flooring, which will help add some warmth and some plants or other natural accents.

What Color Cabinets Will Make My Kitchen Timeless?

For the most part, choosing neutral tones is the best way to ensure that your kitchen never goes out of style. That being said, if you want to go with something colorful for your cabinets, and it someday goes “out of style,” or you get sick of them, you can always paint them! Painting your cabinets is a great way to mix things up and try something new!

The Kitchen I want Doesn’t Fall in Line With the Kitchen Designer “Rulebook”—What Should I Do?

Toss the rulebook into the garbage and build the kitchen YOU want. At the end of the day, if you aren’t absolutely in love with the kitchen you have, then the overall project will have been a disappointment. As long as you walk into your new kitchen every day and love what it looks like, that’s all that matters.

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