Kitchen trends are constantly changing, and you don’t want to be caught in the past. The future of kitchen cabinet trends is colorful, classic, and innovative. We guarantee that everyone will be able to find a cabinet color trend that suits their personal style.

Puustelli has designed numerous stunning kitchens that defy the norm but stand the test of time. Here are our nine favorite kitchen cabinet color trends heading into 2022.

1) Colorful Cabinets

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 1

The biggest kitchen cabinet trend for 2022 is colorful cabinets. Homeowners are realizing that, frankly, life’s too short to not have a colorful kitchen. We adore this blue kitchen we designed. The color is welcoming and calming, all while radiating the homeowner’s personality. The green and white tile backsplash adds an extra dimension to the space without clashing.

Color psychology plays extensively into choosing a color for your kitchen cabinets. You can choose what emotion and feeling you want to evoke in your kitchen and choose a color from there.

  • Red: Love, Passion, Power, Excitement, Energy
  • Orange: Happiness, Attention, Enthusiasm, Spiritual, Playful
  • Yellow: Warmth, Brightness, Energetic, Cheerful, Optimistic
  • Green: Safety, Calming, Refreshing, Motivating, Relaxing
  • Blue: Serenity, Productive, Peaceful, Sincere, Inspiring
  • Purple: Regality, Bravery, Imaginative, Romantic, Mysterious
  • Pink: Kind, Joyful, Creative, Vibrant, Feminine
  • Brown: Strong, Reliable, Warm, Nurturing, Natural
  • Black: Bold, Elegant, Sophisticated, Mystery, Power
  • White: Clean, Peaceful, Innocent, Pure, Fresh

What characteristics does your favorite color give off? You may be surprised how seamlessly you can incorporate your favorite color into your kitchen design, especially with the help of a skilled designer. Right now, deep forest greens and navy are trendy.

2) Black All-Around

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 2

Maybe you’ve considered adding black hardware or accents here and there in your kitchen, but have you ever thought about making everything black? Since all-white was the kitchen trend for so long, it may be intimidating to consider an all-black kitchen.

However, black is a huge trend for many areas: exterior siding, fashion, and more! All-black cabinets make a room feel edgy, sophisticated, and mature.

You may be wondering if a black kitchen design will make the room feel smaller. For the longest time, white was the rule of thumb for making a room feel larger and more spacious. But black has an incredible ability to also make a room feel larger if the design is strategic and natural light is available.

3) Contrasting Kitchen Islands

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 3

One of the best ways to break up your kitchen and add an extra layer of dimension is to design the island cabinets differently from the wall cabinets. In this white granite kitchen we designed, the room would have felt too monotone if the entire island was white as well.

We love how this dark island offers a sleek focal point against the fresh and airy white cabinets and walls. The white countertop on the island allows it to feel cohesive with the rest of the room.

4) Glass Cabinet Doors

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 4

Similar to the floating shelves trend, glass cabinet doors are a creative way to mimic open shelving. The glass shelves in the cabinets really make it feel like the kitchen items inside are floating.

We love how this kitchen design features two-toned cabinets: another rising kitchen trend for 2022. Two-toned kitchen cabinets create visual interest while helping small spaces feel more spacious. 

Past trends tried to make kitchen cabinets blend into the background, but current trends in 2022 offer dimension and intrigue without needing wallpaper or many pieces of wall art.

If you love this two-toned look with glass doors, consider the following tips for incorporating two-tone cabinets in your home:

  • Choose Your Focal Point: Decide which section of cabinetry will be different from the rest. This can be the top level, the kitchen island, or a row of cabinets along one wall.
  • Select the Colors: Some colors pair beautifully together, while others clash and feel disjointed. You have the choice to incorporate a pop of color with a bold color or pair two neutral tones. The best way to find colors that work well together is to sit down with a professional cabinet design company like Puustelli.
  • Go Darker on Bottom: A good rule of thumb for two-toned cabinets is to have light upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets. Darker bottom cabinets help define your kitchen space, which is an excellent tool for open-plan spaces. The lighter color on top will often be used as an accent color to keep the room feeling spacious.
  • Details Matter: It’s always helpful to incorporate an element that ties the two cabinet colors together. Usually, this can be accomplished with the same color hardware used on all of the cabinets to unify the space.

5) No More Hiding Wood Grain

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 5

For many years, homeowners were advised to install cabinets that looked smooth and showed no signs of wood grains. But in 2022, wood grain is back and better than ever.

We love how natural wood grain gives a rustic vibe that makes you feel like you’re connected to nature. The horizontal grain in these cabinets and drawers elongates the room, making it feel even larger than it is. Natural wood grain offers a unique personality to each kitchen, so we are happy to show it off in all its glory.

6) Brass Hardware

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 6

You’ve heard of black, white, gold, and silver. Now enter: brass. 🤩

Brass hardware is a huge trend for 2022. The color is similar to gold but offers a unique edge that isn’t common in many places. You can choose to incorporate a brass kitchen faucet or stick with classic stainless steel.

Brass hardware makes black, white, and other neutral cabinet colors pop. And if you choose to incorporate a two-toned design, brass hardware all-around can tie the room together and make it feel both cohesive and stylish.

7) Black and White Is Back

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 7

That’s right; black and white is back. But did it ever really leave? Black and white has been a timeless color combination for decades, and black and white kitchen cabinets feel as modern as ever.

This black and white kitchen cabinetry also doubles as a two-toned design. It follows one of the main design principles by keeping the black cabinets on the bottom. 

We love how the rest of the kitchen design plays with the black and white theme. Alternating black and white doors on opposite sides of the room, a black lighting fixture, white flowers, and a black and white patterned ceiling makes this kitchen feel quirky, cohesive, and streamlined.

8) Hidden Storage

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 8

Who says your kitchen can’t double as a super-spy? Concealing away kitchen and household appliances behind cabinetry is a huge trend for 2022. Hiding away microwaves, pantries, and washing machines makes rooms feel more spacious and less bulky.

We had so much fun concealing this washer and dryer within a home bar. When the cabinets are closed, no one would ever know that large appliances are behind them.

9) Light Wood

9 Inspiring Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2022 9

Smooth, dark wood cabinets were a popular trend in the early 2000s. As we head into 2022, lighter-colored wood has taken center stage. Woods that are light in color include:

  • White oak
  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • Hickory
  • Birch

This kitchen we designed for celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern features birch cabinetry with black hardware. We love how the birch accomplishes a bright and airy feel without being all-white. The black countertop and edges on the island break up the room in a subtle way. This kitchen design is perfect for a home in the woods!

Which Trend Is Your Favorite?

Upcoming trends in 2022 offer creativity and flexibility for all types of homeowners. When you upgrade your kitchen to be on-trend, you increase the value of your home. Can’t stop thinking about one of the kitchen trends you read about? You’re in the right place.

Puustelli is one of the only kitchen cabinet designers that exclusively works with eco-friendly materials for luxury kitchens. We will work with you on your favorite trend to create a timeless design that gives your kitchen a whole new life. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to visit our Twin Cities showroom!

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