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DIY Christmas Presents: Gingerbread Rocky Roads

These super yummy Rocky Roads are gifts from heaven for at least three reasons: They’re very easy to make; they really taste like little pieces of heaven; and they bring back memories of fun times spent with loved ones.

– Chef Anna –


  • 2 Twix bars
  • 6 gingerbread cookies (50G or 1.7 ounces)
  • handful of dried cranberrys
  • 100G or 3.5 ounces small marshmallows
  • 250G or .5 pounds dark chocolate
  • 100G or 3.5 ounces milk chocolate with almonds or anything you favor


To start you will need 26 cm x 20 cm / 10x7 inches pan.

Cover the pan with parchment paper. Cut Twix bars with scissors into small pieces straight into the pan. Sprinkle cranberries and 4/5 of marshmallows on top of the Twix pieces. Crush gingerbread cookies into a generous size pieces and sprinkle on top of everything else. Mix together all the ingredients on the bottom of the pan, but not too much. Melt all the chocolate in water bath. When melted, pour evenly on top of the other ingredients. Try to get chocolate between all the ingredients, you may use a spoon to move ingredients around little bit. At last sprinkle some cranberries, marshmallows and crushed gingerbread cookies. Let sleep over night. Next day cut into pieces with sharp, big knife.

All you need to give this as a gift:

  • Pretty jar with lid
  • Ribbon
  • Label to write on (examples: Gingerbread Rocky Road, Enjoy, Merry Christmas OR you can write the recipe on piece of paper and tie it with ribbon!)

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