Puustelli USA's own Chef Anna

CHEF ANNA’S Favorite Cooking Memory: creating all the food for her own wedding seven years ago — 200 people! She still gets asked for recipes by her guests from that special day.

Puustelli USA’s Own CHEF ANNA

Chef Anna acquired her cooking skills by helping her parents in the daily meals. They let her make a mess and try whatever she wanted to cook or bake! Since she was young, she has been very serious about her culinary skills. All cooking and baking was held to the highest standards. She has always tried to think through every last detail from taste to presentation. Her grandmothers were also a huge influence on her. One of her grandmothers was from Karjala—people from this region love to serve food and host parties. They are also known for their out-going, boisterous manners—She thinks this may be a trait that was passed on!

It’s true, she is a very passionate person and when she enjoys doing something it shows in all areas in her life. She loves to do things with a unique sense of style and decorum. She wants food to be a true experience for her family and for all people who come to her table.

She’s always ready to surprise with something new or exciting and create a moment people will remember and truly enjoy… She wants to inspire people to cook!

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Crispy Rye Croutons

shrovetide recipe

“In Finland, rye flour is used in so many delicious recipes, including in various types of bread. Finns have always appreciated their rye bread. As a classic component of Finnish cuisine, it’s introduced to us when we are babies. Every country has its own special food and rye bread is ours.”

– Chef Anna –

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